2023/05/02nd  – UK Government admits the COVID vaccines kill.

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My doctor asked me if I smoked or drank coffee – I drink it of course.

World’s Population Has Been Reduced By One Billion Since 2021

And MSM And The World Are Silent   Well… seems like a high number, yet it is possible.  But even if it isn’t that high… should we just go ‘ho hum’… and zzzzzz?? 11 mins


CIA Agent’s 1992 Confession Unearthed: ‘WEF Will Kill 4 Billion by 2030’ 

A 1992 book, “The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300,” written by ex-CIA agent John Coleman is gaining renewed attention as its predictions about a “post-industrial” world controlled by globalist technocrats appear to be coming true. In the book, Coleman claims that an international committee, led by the Bilderberg Group and Western intelligence agencies, would steer the world towards a dystopian future, in which 4 billion “useless eaters” would be eliminated by 2050 through limited wars, organized epidemics, and starvation.

Anzac Day 2023 – Wyatt Earp    

See more similar on https://www.justonefocus.org/anzac-day-they-did-it-anyway-veterans-ignore-council-and-marched/

FEW PEOPLE ARE AWARE that parents of Vietnam Vets  were forced to pay for the return of their son/daughter’s body to Australia on an RAAF flight and also meet funeral costs. Gold Coast City Council has been exposed censoring comments on its Hoax Climate Change survey.

Tucker Carlson, the highest rated cable news host in history

The news comes days after the network cut ties with host Dan Bongino 48 hours after the network settled with Dominion… This Tucker Speech Is What The Establishment Fears Most


Tucker Carlson Speech Goes VIRAL Again After Fox News Departure   6mins

What President Trump’s administration has done to combat human trafficking   good summary


Deep State clones exist for only three years …

once they leave their maturation chambers and are recalled to a reclamation centre at least one week before they expire.   Also more Gito executions, true or not, we will soon know

Biden family crime and human trafficking..

PCR tests beware

There is no SARSCOV2 Virus



Colour print this to cut up + put under windscreen wipers

Train De-railer found – who paid for it ? 

UK government tacitly admits the COVID vaccines are killing people all ages


Riccardo Bosi – Oct 2022   Is Q real ? 

Trump, Q and White Hats – 6 min summary

Biden is not legitimate President – here’s why      

Cabal Bunker destroyed in Ukraine – Charlie

The War is On – Epilogue


Wake up – UFOs are Demons harassing humans pretending to be Aliens from outer space somewhere

Been trying to tell this for years – no one wants to listen – especially churchie people and globullists.


Having their Idol as their god on Australian soil … see notes too


Hillary arrest – old footage – wonder if it was real She certainly did not want to get in the van.  

Trump’s New Ad Just Broke The Internet


Tucker is MIA – Fox News is DOA. 

Missing in Action    Dead on Arrival ???


Tucker dropping bombs on Epstein.

No wonder they cancelled him 🇺🇸.  Let’s see where he pops up next.

Federal Banks say they own your body and land.

The white hats have all been in on it from the start.  Gesara  is coming, make no mistake. 

QFS – Graham Hodsdon     5 mins  

Melbourne’s Secret Tunnels Some 1500 children were freed from them in 2020 as reported by a Sth Aust soldier

NSW Australia Govt Deploys Fipronil BEE KILLING Traps to Kill 500 MILLION Hive Bees

Fipronil, an insect nerve agent, is also banned in the EU and UK to protect honeybees but is approved in Australia.  hmmm


Beekeepers’ channel is here for updates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHFVFWEebvE

LEEDS (UK) 15 minute city under construction


Brits destroying Road Blocks and Cameras


Epidemic of Teenagers Dropping Dead  April 2023

Feminism – well explained by a young female

The Jabs Created Millions of Zombies By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Philadelphia Zombies filmed Apr 20th

This thing can Vote   

Deagel Population Forecast

How many did the lockdowns kill ?


Lidia Thorpe drunk again

That above act certainly did not help Jacinta and Josephine

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Australia Is in deep peril – Tim Dwyer 7 mins

The upcoming referendum is being Rammed Down Our Throat If Australia Becomes a Republic The UN will take all land ownership, Is that what you Want? 

Climate Change – truth comes from non Govt source$  

How your phone tracks you and how to throttle the tracking


Make cash work

Copy to URL – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/remedies/12-survival-supplies-australia/

 Australian science commentator, Joanne Nova, on the anthropogenic climate change scam  “They tell us 97% of climate scientists agree, but they don’t tell us that that’s only 75 people. We can name 31,500 scientists who agree with us”

Chemist confronted about jabbing

More heart attacks 

Parents urged to vaccinate children as “Kindy Flu” sweeps NSW

Comments – 1 – Yeah, gotta find something to cover the vaXXine holocaust. A jab will do just fine…  and the shitshow rolls on. That whore Charlotte Hespe needs to be put to death by lethal injeKtion, along with all the other GP’s who are pushing this garbage

2 – Next move….they throw you all in prison for supporting murdering children. Bet you don’t see that coming, including those in high places who say and do nothing.

3 – Don’t tell me. It’s got nothing to do with the ‘Convid’ vaccine they were forced to take earlier that’s compromised their immune system. I can’t believe they’re still pulling this off with people

4 – Obviously a Uni Graduate… brain laundered


It’s ALWAYS been the JEWS ie (the fake Israelites descended from Cain. Child of Lucifer and Eve)   

Healthy water from Shungite search Shungite online

What Happens When You Bury Sardines under a Tomato Plant

Turn ONE Sweet Potato Into 100 pounds Of Sweet Potatoes


Never need to buy onions again


I grew 235 lbs Of Potatoes in 200 sq ft without Watering


Melted Rock ?  

Moon Landing – still believe it was true ?

Why the Music has died


The Calendar + Frequencies – 13×28=364 plus 1 day = 365


Easter – Deceived The Masses For Thousands Of Years

Tartaria – What has been Hidden ?  

Dave Allen At Large – £10 Note


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