2023/05/05th – JFK Jnr drops Bombs

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1 – London Weather Forecast

If you leave your children a world where you never stood up, they’ll inherit a world where they can’t.

Actions speak louder than words but not nearly as often – Mark Twain

2 – When sheeple stand up 

3 – God separated you from everyone else 

4 – Greta Thunberg EXPOSED She’s FINISHED She’s not even getting “for-real” arrested here


5 – How the Plandemic was Faked   Lights, Camera, Action

6 – JFK Jnr dropped some Bombs

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7 – Aboriginal Starter Pack 

8a -Anti-lockdown protester WINS court as police admit mistake


8b -Victory – TGA Liars forced to end Ivermectin Ban

From Anthea – the JERKS, change of mind too late….My  beautiful cousin just died from a heart attack 60 years old this morning.  May God forgive them because I cannot.. may he send the jabbers into the burning lake forever with everybody who pushed for the jab……


9 – Gold Coast Council using taxes to promote perversion

The same bastards who banned ANZAC Day march. Altho’ many good people Councillors are under the thumb of an un-elected CEO from the UN, they are nevertheless personally responsible for “council” actions and policies – Nuremberg 4  

From Den – Clearly promoting perversion to children and tiny tots (see ‘Action Alert’) below: with their ‘Operation Fairy Floss’ and using a Wiggle to promote the ‘exhibition’ as well as some images which show things kids like, blow up toy animals, etc. I phoned both Hota and the council. IT’S A COUNCIL SHOW? Now we know where our money is going – to degrade our families etc. I told council that I would personally boycott any group that promoted perversion – and did it deliberately as they have. If we get across that we know what they are doing and will not have our rates etc spent on perversion, they are far less likely to do it again. We could ask council for a written apology and a promise that they will never use our money to promote porn etc. And ask you to tell them what action will be taken against whoever did it and have they been fired and if not, why not?

Hota phone:  (07) 5588 4000  Council ph: (1300 465 326).There is a downloadable complaint package below.  Cheers Den

Action alert: Please contact HOTA (information in link below) regarding their targeting of minors with inappropriate sexual material

Groomers in the art world. Their agenda is VERY clear.

10 – Digital ID for your Company  avoid it 

11 – Frankfurt to Dubai in 90 minutes? the hypersonic plane race


12 – London DUMBs + Tunnels 

4th dimensional entities lurk around unaware 3D human beings. They travel through the timelines & not by space in this realm. Their movements carry energy waves that lingers between two space times — the space they left from, into the new space they are moving into. This energetic wave has a force that can be felt by humans & at times have impact on physical things in our realm. Luke 21.26 “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

13 – Bosi – NSW State Election 

1 May 2023 during an online AUSTRALIAONE 2023 NSW State Election update, I stated that several groups of candidates for the NSW Legislative Council had not received any votes ‘Above the Line’. In addition, I questioned why the candidates had not voted for themselves ‘Above the Line’. In doing this I was in error because none of the groups to which I referred had on the ballot paper, a box ‘Above the Line’. This was due in all cases to the fact all the groups mentioned had insufficient candidates to merit a box ‘Above the Line’. I offer an unqualified apology, to those candidates as well as to those who have since watched the Update, for my error. Riccardo Bosi

14a – RFK Jnr’s.’ current views on Climate Change

There is a lot of stuff coming out trying to show Robert Kennedy is not a white hat. As ever, we have no idea. He has done some good stuff. It never hurts to be detached enough to use our discernment. I recall one thing that never made sense but maybe I don’t have all the data. When Trump was president he arranged a panel to ascertain if vaccinations and autism were connected. He put Robert Kennedy in charge, but not for long. Don’t know what happened but it seems Robert may have been removed by Trump. I always wondered about that. The following  are some bits and pieces trying to show Kennedy in a different ‘light’.


14b – Exactly as planned by the White Hats

and exactly as foretold by “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times (here)— the imaginary campaign of Florida Governor and Naval Intelligence asset Ron DeSantis is imploding before it has even been announced. That’s because — again, exactly as planned by the White Hats, and exactly as foretold by the ANYT (here) — the phony “indictment” of Trump was engineered in order to unite Republican voters behind him. Polling data now shows Trump holding an insurmountable lead of 40 points (and growing) over DeSantis — who seems to be deliberately self-sabotaging his own non-campaign, mainly through inaction.

14c – Trump-DeSantis Smoke Out a Beautiful Rat


15 – 763 Celebrities dead after Convid Shots – they sacrifice their own


16 – The Banking Collapse Of 2023

From Mike Adams It is Now Officially Bigger Than The Banking Collapse Of 2008 was Collectively. The three big banks that have collapsed in 2023 had more assets than all 25 banks that collapsed in 2008 did. JUST IN: Dozens of regional bank stocks are plunging today, as the bank crisis continues to gain momentum. Three more Banks halted on stock exchange as collapse spreads.

Central banks are buying gold at a record pace, and just today, three more banks were halted on the stock exchange as their stock prices collapsed. Those three banks are PacWest Bankcorp, Western Alliance and Metropolitan Bank. More bank failures are imminent. Fiat currencies are collapsing (by design). I interviewed Chris Olson, the CEO of Treasure Island, about this very scenario yesterday. That interview is featured in today’s hard-hitting Brighteon Broadcast News episode. See the full details in today’s feature podcast here.

17 – More Youth Murdered by the “Covid vaccine”

 18 – 1918 Spanish Flu plandemic – Only the Vaxxed died

See more – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/?s=1918  

19 – Water, oil, energy and food is abundant

20 – Shadows of the golden age Carolinas


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