2023/05/08th – Don’t worry what people think – they don’t do it too often

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Wow what a flood of emails received today. So many dogmatic opinions and speculation about the Coronation of Charles ranging from – He’s already dead – He is for real and a wonderful guy – He is reptilian –  even the anti-christ !     We will know soon enough ?

1a – Compilation Coronation 2

1b – King Charles ancestors


1c – Charles, Why You Must NEVER Mock God


2 – Rabbi Claims Netanyahu Will SOON REVEAL the Jewish Messiah


3 – Is this the real anti Christ coming ?

Some say Prince Charles is only a clone and the real one is dead, he cannot be the antichrist. He will be taken out next month. Revelation tells us the anti-christ will be unknown and will somehow just rise out of nowhere –  People will worship the IMAGE of the beast – Image ? CGI. Clone ?

4 – King of the World? The High Symbolism of Charles III’s Coronation


5 – Nostradamus ‘predicted King Charles would abdicate and be succeeded by surprise successor’

Again – believe what you want


6 – Prince William the Little Horn described in Daniel & Revelation


7 – Eliminating Spike Protein, Blood Clots & Protecting Cardiovascular Health


8 – Mercury – electricity generator ?

Cannot verify but apparently Trump and Q have the tech to change 5G towers to radiate healing 432Hz frequencies instead of the deadly 440Hz

9 – Declared chemical arms to be destroyed in ‘weeks’: watchdog

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