2023/05/09th – where is Charles now

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1a – Where is Charles now ?

2a – The TV News – who writes the script for all ? 

2b – People who Oppose Drag Shows are … Ch 9


Labor Budget May 2023

3a – How do the wild fires start ? 

3b – DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) May 2023

There are still lots of skeptics on global DUMBS, tunnels & also called billionaire bunkers. There’s lots of talk about the massive underground facilities & tunnel systems in Ukraine too Here are some leaked photos, these are NOT leaked, they’re online pics & also NOT from Ukraine. These are pics of underground systems in Manhattan, New York. Now think or imagine the ones we have NOT seen.  Army Is Spending Half a Billion to Train Soldiers to Fight Underground

4 – Water Powered Car in 1974

5a – Ceyanne Pepper – Heart attacks 

6b – Gotta love Kiwi Fruit  

7a – JFK knew and he couldn’t stop it… but trust that Trump and Q can and will. If we don’t act, then history will repeat itself soon

7b – How do we know the White Hats are in Control ? Graham Hodsdon

Don’t demand they do it YOUR way – it is a massive operation

7c – The so called bank collapses

8 – Stargates – what are they ?  they are not new

9 – Bible from 1813

The Testament of Adam in the Book of Adam and Eve says that after the Great Flood mankind will be allotted 6,000 years.

10 – Is the Sun 93 million miles away ?  Sun behind the clouds ?

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