2023/05/10th – L@@K here – Don’t L@@K Over There.

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1 – Trump Indicted… L@@K Here – Don’t L@@K Over There Another Grand Deception. Mannarino


2a – Dear left … If you’re going to photo shop a picture … give Epstein a pair of legs and find a girl without such a long arm

2bSynthetic People, Clones, Hybrids, Holograms, Soulless People 

 That was fairly old – see where they’re up to now

2cResearcher has a conversation with A.I. leaves him Shocked


2d – Do NOT Trust Your Government: A Wake-Up Call from EU MEP Christine Anderson


2e – Australia : Digital ID is coming fast

Wish Malcolm didn’t promote the FAKE Corporate seal at the end


3 – Tucker Carlson – good message free speech


4a- Baby in a Trash Can   2nd Tim 3.2 In the last days, people shall be without natural affection 

4b – Vaccine Injury Support

4c – What are your thoughtsgood news or not


5 – They added 1000 years   play full screen

6a – Washing fruit with Baking Soda 

6b – Fake Rice made from plastic

7a – Can all Italians sing ? 

7b – Message to the Cabal from Johnny Cash

Romans 12.19 Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord + Isaiah 1:24 Therefore the Lord God of armies, The Mighty One of Israel, declares, “Ah, I will have satisfaction against My adversaries, And avenge Myself on My enemies.

8 – MZ: There is some news to share.

I have been hearing fantastic things throughout the day. Especially from the groups who appear to be starting their process. I am waiting for someone with money in hand

MZ: Even my SKR group said today to “make sure my ID’s are current. This is it. And we should be giving you instructions on your SKR within the next few days.!!!!” This really made my day. 

MZ: I cannot tell you exact details….because I don’t know them yet. The only NDA I have is over the amount of this SKR which was done many years ago. Early 2010…which had me in Reno for quite some time.  

MZ: We are getting extremely positive chatter from the groups today. They are not giving us details or exact timing….but that the paperwork we will need is the same as if we were opening a new bank account. 

The same thing I have been telling you guys forever. 

Member: I wonder how close is Tier 4b from groups and SKRs? Right behind or weeks later?

Member: I heard they were close behind…..a couple days at most 

MZ: “Doug Casey on the debt ceiling farce and why the US should declare bankruptcy.” He says no matter what we do the debt has become untenable. We cannot do anything with it and have no choice but to wipe debt. He points out there is no where to go except a complete cancelling of debts. And he is right.  A great one to read …The same thing happens with currency resets.

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