2023/05/11th – Arrest Wars of the Deep State Military Coups

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1a – Who and what do we believe to be true ? 

So many gurus all voicing their opinions especially about Q and White Hats, Military Arrests, Some people are hanging their hopes on good events being imminent whole others say it’s all doom and gloom, that is no plan at all we can trust according to a guru who has been exposed as being AI with a female voice. See how that works on Item 1 on post  2023/05/07th. Every day there are heaps of vids and articles about all the horrible things being done by police, doctors and politicians, undesirables flooding into nations, threats of some new “covid” or whatever, corruption everywhere, yet people choose to cling to their beloved smartass phones and cringe in fear, while only a few stand up for righteousness.

Joshua 24 24.15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve”.  I suggest that Graham Hodson summed it up best of all on Item 7b 2023/05/09th and on post 2023/05/02nd  which is repeated here in case you missed it or forgot – 3 mins.

1b – QFS – Graham Hodsdon

3a – RV/GCR: 9 Nations, US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, UK, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand are Insolvent and cannot continue without the RV/GCR

EBS Disclosure is expected any day with all Stock Markets crashing and shut down for 2 to 10+ days, after which Tier 4b and a few days later the Gen. Public will get notification to call an 800 #  of a nearby Redemption Centre to set an appt. to Redeem Zim and/or exchange currencies.

3b – Arrest Wars of the Deep State Military Coups

Arrest wars of the DS military coups worldwide will happen in many Countries, DS vs EA will launch Military arrests and wars and both sides will accuse each other of treason. But you can tell who is telling the truth when you see MSM pick a side and attack the person, group or regime.

4 – Weird Things About King Charles’ Coronation As Symbols are Twisted, Is Britain Being De-Consecrated?

Note Max Igan comments in Item 8 at the 23 min mark


5 – RDA Reignited Democracy Australia closing down ?


6 – How good is tap water from the local council


7 – Tamborine Library Qld This is insane…

A concerned citizen threatened with arrest for filming in a Public Library, His only crime was filming a Kids Book that discussed “Transitioning without Parental Consent and Anal Sex”

8 – Max Igan – The Crowhouse – Wise Opinions


9 – Not your time today – Do you believe in Luck, Coincidence or your Guardian Angel ?

10 – Warning from Benjamin Franklin to our Ancestors

If you let the joos (Satan’s seed line from Cain) into the country they will destroy it!  We are living this warning now!  The war we are living  is between” the woman” , the children of Jacob Israel as written in Genesis,  and the children of Satan.  Started in the Garden and ending up in the USA now!  Yahweh knew all of His children would capitulate to Satan,  and the tribe of Ephraim is the last tribe to be conquered by these satanic devils who call themselves joos and are NOT of the House of Judah!  They are the children of Satan. I dare anyone to prove me wrong, for the proof is blatantly stated starting in the book of Genesis and all through to the book of Revelation!  Know your Identity and who is you enemy

Psalm 91 – read again and again. 



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