2023/05/13th – Good things come to those who wait, we are told – Item 12

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1 – How do you react to this ?


2 – Announcement from Dr Reiner Fuellmich


3 – NSW Election Ballot Theft ? caught in the act


4a – Grandmother Mulari: thoughts on The Voice


4b – Australia Acts (Request) Act 1985 No. 69


No. 69 of 1985 An Act to enable the constitutional arrangements affecting the Commonwealth and the States to be brought into conformity with the status of the Commonwealth of Australia as a sovereign, independent and federal nation [ASSENTED TO 16TH OCTOBER, 1985]

I (Graeme) just looked up that nice little square copy of “Australia’s Constitution” given to me by my local Federal Member. (14th Ed., Oct. 2017) In the “Overview” The Crown and Responsible Government. As well as being a federation, Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy. Under this system of government, as the term suggests, the head of State of a country is a monarch whose functions are regulated by a constitution. The concept of the Crown pervades the Constitution. For example, the Queen is part of the Parliament (section 1), and is empowered to appoint the Governor-General as her representative (section  2). The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as her representative (section 61).

Now, is someone telling us “Porkies” to hide the truth about change(s) made unconstitutionally (without a Referendum – s128) back in 1985 – 86 ?

5 – When a Politician Steps Out of Line


6 – Elon Musk’s New Twitter CEO is WEF

Elon Musk just hired a lady as CEO for twitter from the WEF/ Klaus Schwab…..young achievers  Does this confirm Musk is not for the people ? It might seem so


7 – Riccardo Bosi (A1) with Derek Johnson

Yet more opinions – watch if you want


8a – Buzz Aldrin – We didn’t Go to the moon

8b – Declassified – All Satellites are Balloons

The space station is not real, the Hubble telescope is not real. The lie is about fake space and a round ball to hide God.
Source: Anti-Disinformation: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ncN5ictFfvMQ/


9a – What is 3D printed meat made from ?

Further to the item on 2023/05/09  about 500 tons of 3D printed meat a month is being sold in Holland, whilst the EU is offering 120% of land prices to Dutch farmers if they promise not to grow food again.


9b – What exactly is in and on your food?


Simply washing won’t be enough but this repeat item may help for removing sprayed on surface pollutants

10 – Make you own Free Energy… try it


11a – Tornado atop Rocky Mountains in Montana


11b – Jordan River Has FINALLY Dried Up


11c – Euphrates River FINALLY Dries Up


12 – Good things come to those who wait

 I can only forward what is sent to me.  Financial Collapse of governments or the loss of power by the deep state…. And either way the people will survive

Gem Finch, [12/05/2023 – It’s  what I find to be interesting we had some issues last week and we were ready to go and we had glitches – a rogue Treasury agent turned to a sting operation and several others tied to him  – and then thinking we were in the clear  and now guess what Yes and No – we had another issue and this is one that I just don’t know they could foresee where US fiat was being printed in another country and I found out that they said they’d handle this and taken care of.   

Now subsequent to that we heard we are on track for receiving our notifications in 72 hours from yesterday so Saturday night and the information we got today  – and from a source in Iraq that this would be released Saturday night so mid morning to lunchtime Saturday for us – and then we find out that RC staff are going in on Saturday to set appointment – so to do that we have to have our notifications  – and today we found out tomorrow Friday at 5pm anticipated T 1 – 2 – & 3 will be given their notifications and released maybe us   – but maybe delayed a bit so the math  we’re looking at fairly early Saturday morning is possible for us in T4B to be notified  – if they have those glitches out of the way and the currency being printed in another country and this is then looking quite good – so if we were notified by 8am could we maybe have an appointment for Saturday – yes it’s possible.

Now  – if they come out later  – we’re more than likely for setting appointments for Monday  – but of course being Mother’s day – maybe not – but we’ll be looking more at Monday I think – but if RC are in Saturday – for setting appointments – well could be Saturday or Sunday and variables in place.   So markets are closed and Forex off for the weekend.   Also Iraq is supposed to be putting out a new rate and I understand on the back screens  – but a new rate either Thursday  –  Friday or Saturday.

It’s ALL great and currencies are trading up and looks like we are all ready to ROCK AND ROLL ON SATURDAY.   So have a great Mother’s Day and spend time with Mom and take mother out to lunch – but keep an eye on your emails and we set appointments and we’ll be off and running and if we don’t get the notifications only then will we have another call Tuesday – (PRAYING NOT)  

So that’s our intel for tonight – please keep those prayers going because they are needed NOW MORE THAN EVER.   We need to receive this Heavenly Blessing before we can even begin to help others.   Love to you ALL Gem.

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