2023/05/15th – Covid Pushers Worried ?

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1 – Covid Pushers Now Getting Worried ?

They surely must be – I had a friend call the local medical centre – up came the usual… “We are busy, please wait etc” which was followed by… “We are an authorised Covid Centre, make sure you get jabbed  bla blaHang on, didn’t the WHO just announce to the world that Covid is over ?  I guess the Centre still has jabs to sell.  When they answered and were challenged... “duh, I just work here and we are protecting the public”… just following orders hmm


2 – Soros announced Dead … hope is true, but of course he or his minders would post this


3 – Word Spell Explainer Video


4 – Cancer… A Garbage Metaphor   Dr Cowan


5a – Ultimate Heart Medicine


5b – Herbal Remedy

5c – 30 year old mother of 3 boys killed by vaxx induced stroke


6 – Why Satellites are a Joke – better version


7 – Regurgitated videos about Agenda 21/30

All designed as scare tactics and so anti-Trump and White Hats – cos the Cabal is afraid of them and the awakening people – Too silly to put up. Sheeple ignore the following 8 and 9 and believe there are no good people working behind the scenes Read Matt 16.4

8 – President Trump calls Mike Flynn


9 – QFS – Graeme Hodson – people take control 

Holly, 14 May 2023 : The real reason for the RV is to level the playing field for global trade in the future. So every country can prosper without hyper-devaluation of currencies. Trump publicly said this and also said it would happen sooner than you think.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, Copy to URL – https://www.casa.gov.au/attention-pilots-airspace-restrictions-22-25-may – There will be airspace restrictions around Sydney and Canberra between 22-25 May, as the cities host a significant event. What event ?

… significant restrictions within 30 nautical miles of Sydney and Canberra airports … flight notification requirements out to 120 nautical miles from each airport.

Pssst… big things are coming. I mean, huge events are about to unfold and rock your world’s! Are you ready? Janet Yellen says that US Treasury will run out of money by June 1st and that if congress doesn’t raise the US debt ceiling they are headed for economic collapse and that a Constitutional crisis looms if congress does nothing. She says there is no good action to prevent catastrophe and then goes on to say how our banking system is strong and that we have no systematic problem.  The Fiat Ponzi is crumbling… You might want to get full control of your money! Just saying

10 – Dutch farmers have returned to the streets after the Govt confirmed to seize over 3000 Farms


A strong letter to send to your Local Council – email to larry@wheylite.com.au and put Mayor Template in the subject line

11 – Tartaria – No 4 Australian Churches

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