2023/05/16th – “significant” event next week ?

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1 – Air Marshalls Refuse Biden’s Orders

2 – Warning – Next week… for those who missed the link

According to the Civil Aviation Authority (A Govt Website)– There will be airspace restrictions around Sydney and Canberra between 22-25 May, as the cities host a significant event.  Is this deliberate fake news ?   What event – is it part of Item 3 ?


Apparently Biden just cancelled the trip ! (today)

Joe Biden has been invited by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to address the federal parliament during his visit to Australia for the Quad leaders’ summit in May. Although no date has been locked in, he is expected to give his speech the week after the Albanese government hands down its May Budget. Biden will be the first US President to address the parliament since Barack Obama’s speech marking 60 years of the Australia-US alliance in 2011. Australia is expected to buy up to five U.S. Virginia class nuclear-powered submarines in the 2030s as part of the landmark agreement to be revealed in detail by Biden, Anthony Albanese, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak AND Australia will host the 2023 Quad Leaders’ summit in Sydney on May 24, as announced by Anthony Albanese. The summit will be the third in-person meeting of the leaders of Australia, the United States, India, and Japan. The Quad Foreign Ministers’ track is coordinated by Australia’s Quad Senior Official in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.….. SO WHY BLOCK ALL THE AIR TRAFFIC ??

3 – The WEF Just COLLAPSED  Elite Chaos Begins



4 – What No “Virus ? Dr Tom Cowan


5 – Kids in Philly go in crazy – junk food, jabbed, never disciplined ?? You can bet for sure, they all have smartass phones


6 – Sound of Silenced Science


7 – Med bed info – no pics  but interesting


8 – ZIM Speculation of Awake in 3D May 15th

Calculating the USD Value of 100T ZIM Bond in RZB Digital Gold-backed Tokens… Once Zimbabwe’s currency is stabilized, will the RZB eventually open their Golden ZIM Token for exchange internationally? More specifically, will all of us legal owners of 2008 AA Series ZIM Bonds be able to redeem our bonds 1-to-1 for Gold-backed ZIM digital tokens at its current (or future) value?

Doing the math (based on published Gold Token value data from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe May 12th, 2023): A 100T ZIM bond will buy the equivalent of 991.375 billion milligrams of gold (purchased in ZIM digital gold tokens). Current valuation of gold set by RZB is equivalent to $0.0688 USD/mg (according to actual source data from Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe). This means a 100T ZIM bond note would be worth approximately $68 Billion US Dollars in gold-backed digital ZIM token value. 

9 – Mansion on the hill

10 – More old world technology


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