2023/05/17th – Durham – why so important to Australia too ?

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1a – Albo’s  “significant” Event not happening ?

So Biden cancelled the invitation to Albo’s party – Wonder if Albo remembers the 1963 hit song by Leslie Gore – It’s ♪my Party and I’ll ♪cry if I want to, ♪You would cry too if It ♪happened to you.♪♪   Will air traffic restrictions still apply ? Maybe they are for something else – we will know Monday 22nd.

1b – Voices in Beijing may ‘exploit’ Biden’s cancelled trip to Australia


1c – Bilderberg 2023: Lisbon, Portugal


2 – Durham Report’s Deep State Revelations

Although Americans have known for years that the 2016 Trump campaign did not collude with Russian intelligence, the Durham Report “should shock every American,” because it revealed the anti-Trump plot reached all the way to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, a U.S. senator told “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins.”


3a – Would you Murder a few thousand people for $250,000 ?

 If so, you could be a Doctor. They got paid to kill people. Big bucks. And more money for the system that fed them. They sold us out (most but not all). Never trust a doctor or a cop. They will both kill you and not know what they really did or why they really did it.


3b – Big Pharma wants customers, not cures

3c – Tom Renz Pharmacist Whistle blower Tape.

Admission of Intent To Kill Patients With CDC Protocol & Remdesivir & Narcotics.


4a – Meanwhile Back in London

Gigantic Islamist march through the streets of our capital city. With all due respect, London just doesn’t look like a British city any longer


4b – They’re actually doing it

In the WEF’s own words — this rearrangement of cities is absolutely about climate change:  As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.

5a – Supply chain collapsing as workers quit or die from COVID “vaccines” Australia also

Despite the MSM and Govt lies about jobs and unemployment (Natural News) Americans are done slaving away for a pittance at large corporations run by overpaid executives – either that or too many of them have gotten sick or died from getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and are no longer able to work. Whatever the case may be, there are now far fewer people working post-“pandemic” than there were pre-“pandemic” – and the supply chains are collapsing because of it.


5b – QFS update Graham Hodson

5c – Your best friend – dangerous enemy

I have exposed this continually to the dismay and even abuse, I know of none who have heeded the advice

5d – The Light – Australia

Support like minded businesses – advertise here:


5e – DIY Homemade Pepper Spray – may need


6 – This computer guy saw more than he thought


7a – Monica’s day in Court and a good outcome


Alan Jones comments on the Voice – vote no !!


7b – Tell the Mayors you’ve had enough


Ask larry@wheylite.com.au for – Mayor template

7c – The vote yes to the Voice advertisement

A suggested letter to Channel Seven and other channels

Dear Manager     The commercial you are currently broadcasting — YES22.com.au authorised by Dean Parker, appears false and misleading: Stating the Aboriginals are not recognised in the constitution. The Aboriginal people have always been recognised as Australian people and counted, from the very first Commonwealth census in 1911. In fact, census statistics specifically recorded the populations of Aboriginal Australians. “Half-blood” Aborigines were considered to be white and were included in the general census.
The purpose of section 127 was to guide the calculation of the numbers of parliamentary representatives per State and also to determine certain State financial entitlements and obligations, based on State populations.  Section 51(xxvi) did not exclude Aborigines from the Commonwealth or the Constitution.  It merely excluded them from the class of people for whom the Commonwealth could make special laws, because that was the responsibility of the states.  Aborigines in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania could vote in colonial elections before 1901 and, by virtue of Section 41 of the Constitution, they could vote in Commonwealth elections. Aboriginals could vote if they registered. In 1962 – before the 1967 referendum – the Commonwealth legislated to extend the vote to any Aborigine who did not already have it (already registered), demonstrating clearly that Aborigines were not excluded from the Constitution before the 1967 Referendum. ‘IF’ they were not recognised, how could they have voted?  They were recognised in the constitution making this advertisement appear deliberately false and misleading.  It must be removed from transmission, if not it will be reported to the Press Council for adjudication. 


8 – Elon Musk with Tucker –  AI is getting weird


9 – Lucifer in the Vatican – Pope Paul 6th


10a – Prisoners of Dulcie Base (Gitmo equivalent)


10b – Arrests and Execution From 2020-22

Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles | What’s Really Going On Behind The Scenes Is Slightly Different Than Q Might Have You Believing


11 – You’re A Better Man Than I Am Gunga Din


12a – God’s Map of our entire realm


see more on 4a + 4b on – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/forgotten-history/27-lost-history-of-architecture-on-earth-erits-real-flat-earth-map-moon/

12b – Flat Earth – short summary

See more here – https://www.larryhannigan.com.au/the-shape-of-the-earth/

12c – Tartaria Decoded: Part 4 – Free Energy


12d – Tartaria Decoded: Part 5 – GIANTS


12e – Tartaria Decoded: Part 8 – Engineering?


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