2023/05/21st – How about Gitmo on line ?

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If life is a illusion, why does it feel so real?

1 – Gitmo on line ?


2a- Widow of Roger Ailes speaks out on Fox News, Tucker, and Trump relationship


2b –

3 – Who funds the WHO? Where does the money go?


4 – What happens to abducted children ?


5a – The Voice campaign


5b – Albo’s Bushmasters and Land Claims

6a – Graham Hodson 21st May

6b – All will be revealed – Hugo Talks


7 – The Revolution of Healing – Med-Bed Tech+

Viruses have never been scientifically proven to exist. There doesn’t exist an external ‘organism’ that causes disease. Sadly many ‘truthers’ out there are merely gate keepers. I don’t know what to make of this video and much may be factual.


8 – Kent Hovind – google more of him

9 – Remember always


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