2023/05/24th – Know the real war of propaganda

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Disclaimer – The following is not intended as legal, financial, or medical advice; it is sent for Education and Discussion Purposes Only… All items are the opinion of the authors. If life is a illusion, why does the illusion feels so real?

1 – you want cash ? stop using smartass money

QFS – No reliable info yet – maybe financial crash must happen first ?

2a – Ukraine wooden actors

Wooden actors provide crisis in Ukraine for propaganda and brainwashing the world with the mainstream media. Repairs troops to return to the front lines of the war. Of course, the real war of propaganda and information that is going on around the world

2b – Biden’s Actor-Body double85,000 missing kids


2c – Biden Lies while overseas

3 – Liquifying the dead  – 2021 and nowSoylent green ?

4a – What is 6G

I remember Trump not allowing the 440Hz towers in USA – 432Hz is the healing frequency


4b – 5G Billboards in China

4c – The 24Hz mind control system used now


4d – Smart devices, Jabs, TV and 5G totally safe – here’s the proof


5 – Young boy reads a sex book in school library


6a – Scotland UK the Great climate fraud. Wind farms using Diesel


6b – Chemtrails – One of the hardest to find


7a – Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President.


7b – Dr Peter Gotzsche – Big Pharma and Organised Crime

Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death

7c – R.I.P Dr Rashid Buttar – was he assassinated?


8a – Wake up – protect your children

8b – Is thi$ why Pediatrician$ pu$h Vaccine$ ?


9a – Calling on law enforcement to Seize all vax bioweapons


9b – Elon Musk just exposed The WHO


10a – Democrats Reacting to the Durham Report

Australians – Pay attention at the 1m 50secs


10b – Old guys and Guns think you can shoot ?

11 – Honey and onions    The same people who tell you holistic medicine doesn’t work get money from big pharma.

12 – Deep and meaningful


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