2023/05/26th – How safe are your $$ in your bank ?

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The results of the Durham case on Tuesday will impact on the whole world, and many Australian Politicians, past and present

1a The beginning of the end of the movie 

1b – Obama + Russia

2aBitcoin, Crypto and the Imminent QFS

2b – 41 Countries To Accept BRICS Currency

3aAbundance Everywhere

3bHealthy ideas for now

4Message from the Queen you never heard

5a Murderer Greg Hunt Confronted by Victims


5b – Wanker PM Albanese and his WHO child fondling mates

Disgusting and he is signing on Maritime Law of the seas and not withdrawing from the WHO & WEF – trouble heading our way ?


What is Maritime Law of the Sea ? Videos 1 + 2

5c – Home Schooling now

5d – Say No to Treaty or Voice to Parliament – We already had that Referendum in 1967  

5eThe Rainbow – So you know what black/brown/blue/pink and white stand for – because their flag has changed.


6aParis and Scotland – 15 minute cities

6b – 15 Minute cities

Why do globalists want people in 15-minute cities?

According to German MP Christine Anderson, the globalists are determined to drive the masses into 15-minute cities, which will essentially serve as strictly controlled prisons for the population: “The COVID pass was a test move to get people to have some sort of QR code. Just getting people used to it,” she said “Make no mistake, it’s not about your convenience. And it’s not about saving the planet. There have to be QR codes in 15-minute cities before they can lock you out and not let you out. Then the globalists will charge the public for access to free travel. That way, the poor will stay in those 15-minute neighbourhoods, and those who are richer will be able to fly wherever they want.”

7Climate Change Propaganda ? 

8a – Fake foods from China  beware 

9aNASA lost the 1969 technology + “moon landing” footage   thanks to Julian Assange

9bWhy the lies about the shape of  the Earth ?  see video 2

10 Do you believe in Angels and Nature?   

11 – Real Med Beds – beware of “healing fakers”

12 – Mark of the Beast – verses in different Bibles


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