2023/05/28th – QFS Preparation need to know

3.6 Quake – Melbourne 11.41pm 28th – not normal – a DUMB explosion ??

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1 – ANZ Helensvale Qld – no cash QFS soon ? 

Also in Victoria – ANZ Bank in Watergardens is cashless, so people are driving to Melton to get cash.

2 – Holograms   seeing is believing ? ?

3 – He sums up the school system very well


4aGorilla attacks woman in her car

4b – An “Australian” Healthcare Worker shows her true colours and origins

5 – Alan Jones  – Carbon Dioxide 

6 2030 deadline direct from Australian Parliament house ?

   22mins best eye opener in a long time


7 – What happened to South Africa – video 4 – Q Anon Prophesy


8 – The Airplane That Landed With 92 Skeletons On Board


9 – QFS Preparation

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10 – Dodgy Victorian water heater program

Scandal surrounds Andrews government’s Victorian Energy Upgrades program. Thousands of Victorian households wanting to save energy could have been sold dud water heaters through a state government scheme. Kieran Rooney    May 28, 2023


Sunday Herald Sun One of the Andrews government’s signature climate change initiatives gave away millions of dollars in carbon credits to companies which installed water heaters that did not deliver the energy savings they promised. The Essential Services Commission has urgently removed a popular water heater installed under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program after it was discovered they were far less efficient than advertised. The water heaters have been registered on the scheme since 2018 and insiders say they have been widely used across Victoria and NSW. Under the VEU, installers are granted about $6200 worth of carbon credits for each energy efficient water heater they install. This allows most installers to offer them for free while still making a profit of about $3200 after other costs.

Power generators have to buy carbon credits on the open market, and pass on the cost of them to consumers, meaning ordinary customers and businesses have worn the cost of the bungle. The water heaters are manufactured under the Eco Alliance brand. Essential Services Commission figures show about $17.9 million in credits have been granted to a related company, Eco Light Up, for their installations over the past 12 months. The water heaters are among the most popular products on the scheme, which also provides subsidies for the installation of energy efficient lights, split systems and other electronic goods.

An example of Eco Alliance’s hot water pump products which are used broadly across Victoria. One industry insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Eco Alliance water heaters were commonly used throughout Victoria and NSW. “They should be pausing every product from this company until they can test the authenticity of its lab reports,” the insider said. “There have been container loads given to other accredited people in both states.”

In another alarming move, the ESC this week wrote to the industry warning that it has received serious complaints about water heaters more broadly. This included safety concerns over some tanks not being properly secured. “The commission has zero tolerance for non-compliant, unethical, unsafe, fraudulent or misleading behaviour by persons accredited to deliver energy efficient products and services through the program,” they wrote. “Staff are closely monitoring this activity and actively investigating installations where we hold concerns. “This includes formally referring matters to other regulators and authorities for assessment. “I urge all accredited persons to urgently review their business practices for this activity to ensure safe installation and compliance with the program rules.”

Opposition environment spokesman James Newbury said: “The Labor Government is now literally flushing your money down the drain.” Eco Alliance did not respond when contacted by the Sunday Herald Sun. The scandal comes less than a year after the Herald Sun revealed the large-scale rorting of the same scheme using supposedly energy-efficient fridges, which led to dozens of fridges being dumped on the street outside businesses.

More Coverage Man charged over Point Cook hit-run talks of toppling Pesutto gain momentum This year alone there have been about 200,000 carbon credits made from hot water units, valued at about $14m. The VEU program is reliant on the fact that each credit takes a tonne of carbon out of the atmosphere by saving on energy usage.

11 – Eat more Honey   


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