2023/05/30th – The full meaning of OK is Objection Killed

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Melbourne earthquake. Apparently there was only one aftershock. Quake or a DUMB explosion ?

1a – Trump – New Hampshire 27 April 2023 – lots of clues

1b – Trump – 29th May + good news

Q told us we must have the threat of WW3 and the financial crash first

1c – A disruptive event coming – special phones for Senators ?

1d – Graham Hodson 29 May – see more on Item 5

2a – More going – who is running the show ?

How will McGowan survive on a $5,200 weekly pension ?

2b – Coffs Council ‘surprised’ at Public Backlash against their town being turned into a 15 Minute City.

Well what’d they think would happen? And interesting about mainstream media reporting it

3 – Dangerword – Double speak – The Fraud that is “Australia”

Watch to the end, that’s where Romley puts it all together . . . . .


4 – Speed tickets and Road toll fines

A POMONA man’s legal challenge over allegedly refusing a breathalyser test is not the first time a Sunshine Coast resident has taken on the law. Christopher James David Summers is currently locked in a legal battle over his alleged refusal to provide a sample of breath when pulled over by a police officer on the Sunshine Coast.

Before Mr Summers, there was pensioner and former Noosa councillor Bob Jarvis, 70, who has not paid a toll for six years. Mr Jarvis has refused to pay a toll since coin baskets were taken away and eToll introduced in 2011. When he received a toll breach in 2011 with a court summons to pay, he elected for a court hearing. The Department of Transport and Main Roads emailed Mr Jarvis before the hearing to say it would offer no evidence and would request the court formally dismiss charges. Neither he or his wife has paid for a toll since.

When Mr Jarvis’ brother was also sent a notice for refusing to pay his toll, he used the “Jarvis defence” and the toll notice also disappeared. Mr Jarvis has used Chapter 5 The States Section 115 of the Constitution as his defence. “A State shall not coin money nor make anything but gold and silver coin a legal tender in payments of debts” was his backing. Mr Jarvis, who said he knew the constitution better than most, believed Mr Summers probably made a vital flaw when allegedly refusing to take a breathalyser test. “There is a big chance the poor bugger has a driver’s licence,” Mr Jarvis said. “The Australian Constitution tells you, you don’t need a driver’s licence to drive a car, but once you have signed up for one, you have to abide by the Transport Act.” However, where Mr Summers may have been following the Constitution was in refusing to enter a plea when he was before a magistrate. This is a part of the constitution Mr Jarvis has tested himself, when he was 20 and refusing to go to Vietnam.

“In Common Law, you don’t have to enter a plea,” He said.

“I went to court when I was 20 and conscripted to Vietnam and said I wouldn’t go. “I said I was not giving a plea. The judge at the time said ‘what are we going to do with you’. “I said, ‘I don’t care, I’m not going to Vietnam’ and the Australian Constitution clearly states you cannot mass conscript a person to do anything unless Australia is in immediate threat of invasion. “Vietnam had nothing to do with an immediate threat to Australia. “The magistrate adjourned the case to make some phone calls. “He came back in and said ‘point of law, Mr Jarvis you are free to go’.” Mr Jarvis also believed everyone should refuse to pay the toll as it was illegal. “When you pay a $1.40 for a litre of petrol, you are actually paying 53 cents plus GST petrol excise for roads, bridges and tunnels,” he said. “So they are taxing us for road, bridges and tunnels, and the Constitution clearly states in black and white that if the Federal Government taxes something like roads bridges and tunnels then no other government or council is allowed to tax the item.”

5 – Federal Reserve announces “their” July Launch… “they” are desperate – blue heading

Federal Reserve announces July launch of central bank digital currency infrastructure

6 – The lady who wrote Terminator tells the story.


7a – Cities past and present with free electricity


7b- Ark > Arc of the Covenant. Someone claims the Ark, discovered by Ron Wyatt in 1986, has been returned to … didn’t say where ?

The Twin Flame Arc of the Covenant belonged in the King’s Chamber of the Giza Pyramid, used to power Egypt. As one of the Pharaoh’s closest advisors, Moses would have been privy to ancient secrets of Egypt. Including, the secrets of Energy. If the Arc of the Covenant was a Capacitor / Core for Giza, it would made sense why Moses took the Arc of the Covenant & the stone tablets which were MAGNETICALLY fused, & why Moses & his people were pursued so ruthlessly by the Pharaoh Ether / Light / Magnetism / static electricity / plasma = BIOLOGY of nature, is the BIOLOGY of the body.

Big Pharma Electric Grid Fossil Fuel Industry & MANY more areas.  They have amassed wealth & POWER, to come crumbling down True metaphysical science is the occult’s foundation as represented by Their STOLEN ancient symbolism denoting energy manifestation & propagation in the universe, but ONLY if it remains hidden. “Science to rule them ALL” Question is, why was Energy hidden from us in the Bible

8 – Giants since 1900 AD


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