2023/06/01st – Any Day Now – Hopium or Hoax – Be ready either way.

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1a – Hopium or Hoax – the Event or a giant Hoax

If it is trueIt is only days away – the second most important event in history – fulfilling the words of Lord Acton

1 – “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

2 – Acton also wrote – “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely” in a letter to Bishop Creighton on April 5, 1887. 

1b – Get Ready for the Ride

The Wave of the Global Currency Reset (GCR), the Quantum Financial System (QFS), Black Swan Event and the NESARA GESARA TRUMPSARA Revolution. As the sun sets on the current global financial system, get ready for the dawn of a new era. The approaching Black Swan event, the global market crash, promises to ruffle feathers and usher in an era of unparalleled financial innovation.  Get ready to ride the wave of the Global Currency Reset (GCR), the Quantum Financial System (QFS), and the NESARA GESARA TRUMPSARA revolution. This is not just a drill; it’s a seismic shift and you’re right at the epicentre.


1c – Institutional Kitchens Being Warned “Have Food Stored for 10 Day Disruption in Supply Chain

Institutions like Hospitals, jails, prisons, etc., were told, casually, three weeks ago, they “should probably have enough food on-hand to get through a ten day disruption of supply chains.”   Few thought much of that.   Then today . . . . they are being explicitly WARNED to “make sure you have enough food to get through a ten day supply chain outage.” The warnings are coming down from vendors and now, from GOVERNMENT.  It’s not a suggestion anymore, it is a mandate.  They’re being told “Do this; make sure it’s done.”

Hospitals and institutions like prisons, jails, and the like, have populations that cannot simply go elsewhere and find food; so them HAVING the food would be essential if someone knows there is definitely a major disruption to supply chains coming. Now, on its face, there is nothing going on at the moment that might even give rise to a HINT of supply chain disruption, never mind specifically for ten days, unless . . .   

https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/intel-institutional-kitchens-being-warned-have-food-stored-for-10-day-disruption-in-supply-chain WorldHal Turner

2a – DEFCON stands for Defense Readiness Condition.

Levels range from DEFCON 1 to DEFCON 5, with DEFCON 1 being the highest level of readiness. To the public’s knowledge, the U.S. has never reached DEFCON 1.  The U.S. Joint Military Command and the Joint Chiefs of Staff set the current DEFCON level. Government officials do not publicly distribute the active DEFCON level to prevent panic among the U.S. population.

Is the DEFCON Level Public ?

No. Unless you are in U.S. government intelligence circles, you cannot view immediate changes to the DEFCON level. Because of the possibility of panic among U.S. citizens, actual minute-by-minute changes in DEFCON are only available to high-ranking military personnel and government officials.

2b – Disruptive event – see Item 1c last night post 2023/05/30th

Military issued satellite phones to the Senate in the coming  COMMUNICATION BLACKOUT EVENT,. This comes on the heels of China Spy Balloons and China merging with Russia on tactical War defense operations. 4 star General Keane issued a warning “China will attack our Homeland quite massively using cyber Capabilities to attack ,defeat our  electrical grid , oil gas distribution even the financial sector.” Gen. Keane goes on to say China will try to defeat the u.s. inside the U.S. and Pacific regions. This all comes as Russia makes its BRICS alliance  And tells the alliance that he will nuclear arm them if they wish to join forces against the western regimen. At the same time china issues Warning To CIA. The international community needs to stay on high alert against cyber attack activities conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States around the world, and the United States must stop using cyber weapons to carry out espionage and cyber attacks, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.  Mao Ning _CHINA ( So far TRUMP. RFKJR. PUTIN. XI all have publicly attacked the CIA for world corruption…. 🤔…. What’s happening behind the scenes? 😉 )

2c – EBS – Emergency Broadcast System

or EAS – Emergency Alert System

EBS stands for Emergency Broadcast System. also known as EAS – Emergency Alert System. This is where the White Hats, and the military, are pulling together to reveal to the world, what the evil tyrants are doing. How they are harming and totally destroying life as we know it. This system bypasses the ‘fake news’ and will get the message out to all people of the Earth.

Chaos and Riots will occur because a lot of special ops will be carried out during this time. The final arrests will take place, but the dark side of- course, will do all in their power to prevent that from happening. They are/will organize riots in large numbers. Confirmed: Army in training to implement emergency broadcast system


2d – Elon Musk one the Deep State


3 – Magnitude 6.2 Quake in Pacific off NZ

https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/magnitude-6-2-quake-in-pacific-off-new-zeland-depth-0-0km-tsunami-warning-buoys-out-of-service-offlineWorldHal Turner4 – Blue Beam –

4 – These are holograms – still believe the MSM ?

5a – The Russians began to break the censorship of Elite Pedos

Russian TV Shows Images Of Hunter Biden With Highly Sexualized Girls In Shameful Attitudes The Russians began to break the censorship of elite pedophile network Finger Lakes region = one of the largest human trafficking hubs in the US.The images are enough


5b – Flashback 1975 – CIA Heart attack weapon


6 – FYI – Citroen – Big Bells – Mercury

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