2023/06/04 – The Voice Referendum – be aware

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The is an avalanche of vids about doctors telling us about the lethal ingredients in all vaccines, and in our food and other daily items, including our smartass white goods and especially wifi devices. We are aware, or should be – but people refuse to stop using them – masks, boosters, now flu jabs and even smartass phones, so why bother trying to tell them. There will be no housing shortages soon

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2a – WA farmers losing rights

WA farmers losing rights a ‘tiny taste’ of life under Voice to Parliament. Sky News host Rowan Dean says Western Australian farmers now require a permit in negotiation with the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act if land is disturbed to a depth of 50mm.


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Vax will cross over your blood brain barrier and take over your brain


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5 – The Voice Referendum – be aware

 A former judge of the Federal Court of Australia. He also served as a deputy president of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal,  As Australians would be aware, the Liberal Party have struck a deal with Labor to give the Government the numbers to pass the Voice Referendum Machinery Bill. So in effect the Coalition have handed Labor the starters gun for what will be an extraordinarily divisive constitutional change where we peg Indigenous Australians against all other Australians.  My concerns have been further elevated today, by a letter I received from a member of the public who provided an eleven point plan, he says was devised by staff within the National Indigenous Australians Agency, which operates within the remit of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
It’s the same NIAA group I brought to the Australian peoples attention earlier this week. A body of 1,317 bureaucrats, funded to the tune of almost $4.5 billion this financial year, reportedly set up to improve the lives of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The NIAA are an unnecessary, duplication body set up in addition to the roughly 3000 Aboriginal Corporations, all registered under the CATSI Act that also claim to do the same thing. But my anxiety levels are rising following this correspondence, containing details of an eleven point plan left behind by a group of 6 or 7 NIAA employees having coffee at a café in the Woden Towns Centre. Now this coffee shop in Woden is roughly 450 metres from the NIAA office here in Canberra. Let me read to you the 11 bullet points that were taken from pages left behind by that group of NIAA staff. It was headed “Early Action / Opportunities for the Voice”.
1. Job quotas: Minimum 10% appointments to be First Nations people for Judges, Magistrates, CW SES, ADF officers, AFP and State Police forces, Corrections departments, Vice Chancellors, and Ambassadors.
2. Universities: No entry tests, and no fees for First Nations people.
3. Old age pensions: Reduced age eligibility for First Nations people “Because we die younger”.
4. Public Housing: First Nations people to have first preference for all vacant public housing across all states.
  5. Sport & Music: Entry fees reduced by 50% for First Nations people for any events on public land.
  6. Beaches & National Parks: All beaches and national parks to be property of the relevant tribe, and non-first nations people to be charged to use the beaches, parks etc… Revenues to go to relevant tribe.
  7. Rivers and Streams: to become property of relevant tribe, and fees for water consumption paid to relevant tribe.
  8. Mining Royalties: Same as for water.
  9. Income tax: For First Nations people to be 50% of normal rate.
  10. Liquor Licensing: All new liquor licenses across Australia to be vetted by the Voice.
  11. Voice Office: Research / Policy staff to analyse and review all proposed Government policies, legislation and appointments. Same size and pay as DPMC.
  The DPMC they refer to stands for Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. If the Prime Minister is aware of these initiatives set out by the NIAA, it would appear that Mr Albanese continues to mislead the Australian people over the extent of powers given to the Voice to Parliament. If on the other hand, the PM does not know about the list, then who from Prime Minister and Cabinet is overseeing the actions of the National Indigenous Australian Agency? New Zealand has already gone down this path, with their so-called advisory, now binding, Māori Voice to Parliament, known as the the Waitangi Tribunal. –  makes interesting objective reading

Australians have a right to know the extent of the powers being handed to the Voice to Parliament NOW…. Certainly not whenever this government feels like it telling us about it after the constitutional change.


6 – You must vote NO  see the Voice Money – lot$ and lot$ of it

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