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1c – Biden’s White House since Feb 2021

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4a – Ukraine has underground labs, harvested organs of children


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5a – Students complain, LGBTP 🏳️‍🌈 Video

Students groan, sigh & complain after teacher puts on LGBTP+ video. She then threatens them with Saturday school. UTL COMMENT:- This is unbelievable indoctrination! It makes us hate them even more


5b – Transgender support for the Voice

5c – Big WIN against the 🏳️‍🌈 in schools


6 – The Slow Death of Wokeness –  Good one


7 – WHO, just called their next “PLANDEMIC”


8 – End youth crime in Queensland E-Petition presented to the Queensland Parliament

9 – Smartass phone vs Bible

 What if we carried  it around in our purses or pockets?
 What if we flipped  through it several time a day?
 What if we turned  back to go get it if we forgot it?
 What if we used it  to receive messages from the text?
 What if we treated  it like we couldn’t live without it?
 What if we gave it  to kids as gifts?
 What if we used it  when we travelled?
 What if we used it  in case of emergency?
 This is something  to make you go….hmm…where is my Bible?
 Oh, and one more  thing. Unlike our smartass phone, we don’t have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because  Jesus already paid the bill
Makes you stop and think about priorities ? And no dropped calls! 

10 – Solar Panels and the Greenies plans

11 – Port Arthur massacre – who was the gunman

12 – Cape York – The Savage Frontier

The remarkable work of Queensland author Rodney Liddell asserts, from studying the ‘Jardine Diaries’, the original Pygmies were hunted down and (nearly) wiped out by invading aborigines from India. The tip of Cape York was one of the major landings used by the invaders who arrived from the islands in canoes and rafts. An interesting read.

Rodney Liddell’s book of well researched facts told history as it really was, so upset a lot of people who had delusionary and fanciful interpretation of history that suited their petty contrived theories, they tried to have Federal Parliament censor the facts to suit their illusionary thinking rather than face historical reality. It appears a lot of this puerile attitude still resides in the community.

Detailed accounts of the atrocities of aboriginals on shipwrecked Europeans have been compiled by Rodney Liddell. His book Cape York – The Savage Frontier is essential reading for all concerned with correcting the fictionalised re-writing of Australian history. Available from Box 190, Redbank Plaza, Redbank, Queensland 4301.                                                          
The product of 10 years of research by the author into original
documentation held in libraries and archives, Rodney Liddell’s “Cape
York – The Savage Frontier”, the book that the Commonwealth parliament
tried to censor, purports to portray history as it really happened.

In researching the history of Cape York Liddell found it necessary to
re-trace the origins of man on the Australian Continent. It soon
became apparent that the latest anthropological evidence shows very
clearly that the “First Australians” were not the dark skinned natives
seen by Captain Cook in 1770.

The story that few Australians have been taught starts with a natural land bridge connecting Australia and New Guinea said to be 100 miles wide and [160 km] consisting of vast lowlands and undulating hills which was generally believed to have been breached by rising sea levels between 6500 – 8000 years ago creating 200 islands within a shallow sea now known as the Torres Strait. Prior to the separation the Paupans had access to the whole continent including Tasmania.

Liddell’s draws on research carried out by eminent anthropologists Reverend E.R. Gribble and Professors Haddon and Elkin in the late 19th and mid- 20th centuries to present a compelling case for his prehistory of Australia. According to E Gribble in “A DESPISED RACE”: “The first inhabitants [of Australia] were a negroid race being curly haired. Later came the [Pre] “Dravidians“ A straight haired race driven from Egypt, through the north of India.”

The author points to indications of the use of the boomerang in South India and Ceylon and the discovery of two model boomerangs wrought in silver in King Tutankahamen’s tomb. He suggests the dingo, which is said to originate in India, was brought to the Australian mainland by the invaders. On the other hand, in Tasmania, which was closed off by the formation of Bass Strait, only evidence of the curly haired Paupuan race has been found, and no dingoes. The Native almond or Sea almond (also known as the Indian Almond), which can be found growing all over Northern Australia, was probably a vital food source carried by the Pre-Dravidians in their canoes on their long sea journey to Australia.

Liddell rejects the “False Aboriginality” of the 40,000 year myth and makes the startling claim that considering the dingo has been carbon dated at only 4,000 years, taking into account the inaccuracy of carbon dating which is rapidly being rejected as unreliable worldwide, then it is very possible that Aborigines may have been in occupation of the Australian continent for less than 1,000 years.

Liddell’s expose reveals the raw savagery that existed amongst the native tribes of Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands with Aborigines exterminating up to 150,000 Paupans in what would be classified in today’s world as genocide and tens of thousands of their own people in their savage tribal conflicts in which the weaker tribes were totally annihilated, by the time the first Europeans had arrived. He catalogs accounts of numerous shipwrecks around the Australian coastline, with the castaways from these vessels set upon by hordes of savages as they rowed ashore with hundreds of helpless men, women and children brutally slaughtered by club and spear. Rejecting claims by modern academics that Aborigines were not cannibals as absolutely false, he asserts that many were eaten, whilst others were beheaded in Northern Australia and the nearby Torres Strait Islands and still others more were kept as slaves and slowly worked to death, whilst subsisting on starvation diets.

He questions the image of the Ancient Aborigine as a timid native who lived in harmony with the environment with evidence which shows that many birds and animals were hunted to extinction before the arrival of Europeans, and that thousands of square miles of forest was deliberately burnt out to attract game to open grassland that replaced the forest. Even today in many areas of Northern Australia, turtles are ruthlessly hunted down by the Aborigines and cut open whilst still alive. On what he calls the “greatest academic cover up the world has ever witnessed”, aided and abetted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Liddell states: “It is no coincidence that many anthropologists involved in promoting this false aboriginality are the most highly paid academics in Australia…In recent years the Australian public have been subjected to a massive indoctrination campaign, designed to “Mentally Program” Australians, into accepting a mass of false and misleading information relative to the occupation of Australia by aborigines.

Almost daily the public are swamped with this false advertising through television, newspapers, radio and magazines. Even school children cannot escape this web of academic deception, for the Education Department is controlled by the very people who promote it.

All the evidence clearly identifies the Papuan as being the original Australian. Numerous anthropologists have acknowledged that fact, but are ignored by Universities who are paid millions of dollars to force feed the public with a false pre-history of Australia.”

Published by the author Cape York – The Savage Frontier is a thoroughly researched 288 page hard cover which chronicles the history of this fascinating area, jam packed with 32 colour plates and numerous black and white photographs with numerous historical
references and provides the unvarnished facts about an Australian frontier of which so little is known. Now in its 5th print run Liddell’s monumental work is now more popular than ever.

A good read for all those interested in factual Australian history. “Cape York – The Savage Frontier” is also available on loan from most State Libraries through your local library. 

11 – Hand crafting a centuries-old geometric chart

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