2023/06/15th – Message from Westpac + Bendigo Banks

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1 – Banks – Is this the beginning of the currency reset by the Cabal or the White Hats ? – I do not know, but consider the threats of Lockdowns below

Debra writes – I happen to see a Westpac branch at Watergardens Shopping Centre this morning June 16. I went in and asked a lady about it. She said this is a normal thing, that they do updates from midnight onwards and do advise people to do important transfers early, in case there is a problem. She wanted to know where I got this info from, so I showed her a screenshot from your site – she said she has never seen this notification before. So I don’t know. We will see

2a – Nigel Farage, Climate lockdowns are coming


2b – Lockdown 2.0 is Coming Soon:  Are We Already Conditioned for Another One?


3a – Trump – The seal is broken  catch the comm ?

3b – Trump Plane   he didn’t stumble going up  

3c – 5am June 15   Big US military C5M to land in Brisbane….


4a – Tucker – America’s principles are at stake


4b – The Plan Part 4 – 1,011,853 Indictments in the USA  + Arrests


4c – FBI Official Admits Doc alleging Biden took $5m in Bribes

The chief accountant at Ukraine’s Burisma Energy, who offered to provide US authorities with damning evidence regarding financial crimes involving Joe and Hunter Biden, has been found dead before she could testify.

House resolution to censure and fine Adam Schiff for his role in spying on President Trump has failed. Twenty Republicans voted with Democrats to protect Schiff the day after President Trump was indicted by the Biden regime.


5a – Global Digital Passports Enforced


5b – Maria Zeee – Global Vaccine Certificate,

MSM Journalist Speaks Out  14 June – 7 mins in – West Australia may be the worst.


6 – Cellphone Taskforce alert – you too might wake up dead

Race horses equipped with mobile devices are dropping like flies:


7 – Question

If they are going after Doctors and nurses for crimes against humanity. What about children-lawyers/ lawyers who push the children to have vaccinations and must be in public schools and not home schooling? They say to send the children to public schools and vaxx them or they will end up in children services….

The Netherlands is the first country to install them, and patients are discharged home the same day after treatment.  Classical methods of treatment are a thing of the past.  The future has already arrived.


8 – Ireland to KILL 200,000 Cows, Europe’s farmers forced to shut down to “fight Climate Change”


9 – Speak the Truth Minister Burney

10 – Who are the Judges

I understand this is a UK document.    www.newchartistmovement.org.UK/

Did we not inherit all aspects of English Common Law ?

On the 1st July 2023 the National Anti- Corruption Act 2022 comes into force. Every Australian is now entitled to ask for and get a jury trial in every matter, civil or criminal and it is corruption to refuse in either a State or Federal Court. This is because in 1995 the “Kable Principle” was argued in the High Court and became common law, in 1996. The “Kable Principle” is that NO STATE can make a law contradicting S 79 Constitution and NO State can make a law discriminating against a Subject of the King and in any criminal matter the Commonwealth standard must apply. No more Majority verdicts whatsoever. All or Nothing.

Way back in 1914 the Crimes Act 1914 was enacted to ensure the honesty and integrity of the Judicial Power of the Commonwealth. That is because S 79 Constitution mandates that the judges who will decide the guilt or innocence of the accused are drawn from the General Public, who like our elected judges in the Parliament of the Commonwealth are charged with making the common law. If a Court with a Judge ( singular) sits it is UNCONSTITUTINAL Mr Magistrate can be accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice in respect of the Judicial power of the Commonwealth.

The course of justice in respect of the Judicial power of the Commonwealth makes the Common Law made sacred in S 80 Judiciary Act 1903. Corporations can and are sued for criminal misdeeds. They cannot be imprisoned. To remedy this a Corporation, if convicted MUST pay a pecuniary penalty. By S 4B Crimes Act 1914 this is five times what they would be required to pay if an individual. A breach of S 43 Crimes Act 1914 which a Judge or Magistrate sitting without a jury is, attracts ten years imprisonment. Ten years imprisonment attracts a liquidated penalty of $165,000 at today’s Penalty Unit Rate of $275.00. By S 4K Crimes Act 1914 this penalty accrues daily.

Every Member of the Parliament of the Commonwealth and Senator is subject to a compulsory duty to report breaches to the National Anti-Corruption Commission. Starting in 1984 Bob Hawke and the Australian Labor Party repealed the Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent 1900. That Letters Patent created ONE integrated Judicial system. The Australian Letters Patent created by Bob Hawke and confirmed by Kevin Rudd made it possible for the Parliament of the Commonwealth to enact an Unconstitutional S 9 Australia Act 1986 prohibiting courts with judges holding Legislation unconstitutional. The National Anti-Corruption Commission will have power to declare these corrupt changes illegal. By S 32 National Anti- Corruption Act 2022 any person may refer an issue to the National Anti-Corruption Commission. Just the fact that the National Anti-Corruption Commission is there will be enough to see a big improvement in our governments.

11a – 2 men create a cyclone – so what can big tech do ?

11b – Wind turbines run on wind don’t they ?

And they use OIL for lubrication – Oil burns very well


11c – Fireplaces in Tartaric Buildings

12a – Paul Pantone – Plasma Reactor Motor


12b – New 20kw perpetual Power Generator


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