2023/06/16th – Was Trump arrested ??

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1a – Has Trump really been arrested ? check it

1b – Newsmax Host Takes to Live TVto Show How Seized Trump Classified Docs Fit Into One Box: ‘Something Isn’t Adding U


1c – General Flynn: “They are trying to assassinate

“They are trying to assassinate Donald Trump by narrative.. JFK, RFK, and MLK were physically assassinated, and physical assassination is a very messy, messy business right now.. There’s too much in the world of digital forensics and cameras.. So what they do then is they narrative assassinate.”

2 – A wise youngster – we need more like him

3a – Dr. David Martin – May 13

People often ask me “why is it so difficult to bring about Covid accountability?” This is one of the main reasons why.

3b – Unavoidably Unsafe: RFK Jnr …

Reveals the Untold Truth Why Vaccines Have Liability Protections After getting sued heavily for the DTP vaccine, Wyeth (now Pfizer) went to the Reagan White House and demanded liability protections with the threat of getting out of the vaccine business. President Reagan asked Wyeth why they couldn’t make safer vaccines. And Wyeth answered that they couldn’t because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” And that phrase, “unavoidably unsafe,” is in the preamble of the VICP statute. “And so, anybody who tells you vaccines are safe and effective, the industry itself got immunity from liability by convincing the President and Congress that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe,” denoted

4a – Australia has No Lawful Government – Tim


4b – Australian Banks – withdrawal Limits

From August 20th 2023 Westpac Bank Australia customers will be prohibited from withdrawing more than $1000 from their accounts per day. Other Banks will follow. Access to your own cash . . SEVERELY LIMITED. Still think Banking troubles are about a computer Virus?  One needs only wonder why, if Australian Banks are owned mostly by U.S. financial firms, the people of Australia will be limited to their own money?   Since it is U.S. Firms that seem to be affecting withdrawal limits in Australia, then wouldn’t it be logical to believe they might try the same thing here in the US or over in Europe? Forewarned is forearmed.  Act accordingly.


5a – Maria Zee – The WHO has officially …

… announced the launch of their Global “Vaccine” Certificate which will restrict freedom of movement and participation in society unless people are constantly “up to date” with the endless injections.

5b – Who is dying now and why in Australia ?

6 – Hologram Pope vanishes ?

7a – The Greatest Joke in Australia …from Kevin M

7b – Fairy Tales

8 – What’s wrong with modern Music ♪ ♪

In 1953 a worldwide agreement was made based on an idea by the Rockefeller Foundation to change the frequency of music. They changed it from it’s natural harmonic resonance 432hz to the current consciousness supressing 440hz. Those who control the world, knew what they were doing when they changed the frequency of music , they knew that humanity would become disengaged, dissonant, divided and disconnected. God, the General Orchestra Director, created the perfect symphony of life, love and light; a wonderful, monumental, magical symphony where everything and everyone plays a part in perfect harmony, unity and frequency, until unfortunately, humanity’s frequency changed. We are now playing out of tune, out of synch, in the wrong frequency. At odds with nature, with life and with each other. Search the net 432hz v 440hz and the like

9 – Should anyone buy an electric vehicle ?

Radiation poisoning causes Loss of smell, Loss of taste, Brain fog, Loss of hair, and more.

10a – Atmospheric Ether generator …

caught on camera in one of the temples in India. Possibly it was activated by accident due to having the original inner electrical tech removed already.

10b – Amazing antique safes with exceptional craftsmanship.

Who the heck made this ? try not to lose even one of the many keys

QFS Update

According to yesterday’s reports, there are movements such as people positioning themselves, signing NDAs and finishing completing the necessary paperwork. Based on his personal opinion, Mark estimated 2 days to 2 more weeks for the RV to be officially released. Dallas on the other hand said 2 to 5 days but it could well be extended up to 10 more days to see this materialize. Zorra mentioned from today until July, that is, until the remainder of June. Wolverine said it’s GO time 

The information we handle is that, for now. As the days go by, more goals are being achieved in every way: in the political, economic arena and of course with the RV. The process is under way. Listen to the news and take everything with a grain of salt so you don’t get disappointed and fall emotionally if something they say doesn’t come true that way. We’ll see what the days to come bring. I say goodbye for a few days until I have the official news. Translating that there are movements and that more people sign NDAs no longer makes sense and it is a waste of time to do so. Enjoy in joy    Gabi


The launch of the global fund has just taken place in all parts of the world, marking the start of the global asset redemption program registered with Redemption. Officially launched an hour ago, this is great news for all recipients. Tens of thousands of transactions around the world can already start paying, hoping that this event will come to the rescue in due time. May God bless us all.


1) – T1 to start between now and 14.06.

2) – T2 to start after the start of  T1 (Approx. 19.06-23)

The 100 highest priority files will start at about the same time as T1. Our mega files are included in these 100 priority files  If they respect what they said, there will be money today afternoon in Zurich… today for you. I’m emotionally drained right now. It’s been a long road and we finally be crossing the finish line sooner than expected. The stress has been enormous as I don’t think I could do this any longer 

Thank you for all the intel providers that have helped me. It’s been hard for everyone.   God bless you all   Wolverine

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