2023/06/17th – The Seal Is Broken ~ Pandora’s Box Is Open

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1 – The Seal Is Broken ~ Pandora’s Box Is Open.

1. Former Presidents can be impeached     2. Former Presidents can be forced to reveal tax and business records    3. Former Presidents lose executive privilege.   4. Former Presidents can be forced to release phone records and text messages    5. Former Presidents can have their homes raided by FBI    6. Former Presidents can be subpoenaed    7. Former Presidents can be indicted and arrested.   None of those happened to any president before Trump. President Trump himself was the bait for each of those traps.  His enemies are so desperate to “Get Trump!” that they spent seven years throwing everything at him.  Seven years of constant witch hunts and hoaxes.    As each scam failed, they just manufactured a new one. President Trump baited them each step of the way.  

Example 1: Trump’s tax returns, when finally released, were squeaky clean. But he acted like there was something to hide, tricking the Democrats into fighting him all the way to SCOTUS,  where the new precedent has now been set.

Example 2: So, Democrats accused Trump of stuff, as they’ve been doing for years. But there was no evidence. Trump was exonerated twice in his first term. Pelosi presided over two failed impeachments. Her TDS backfired, and a new precedent was set.

Before any Deep State players could be impeached, forced to reveal tax/business records, stripped of executive privilege, forced to release phone records and text messages, be raided by the FBI, subpoenaed, indicted, and arrested… 


2016 Hillary Will Get Trump   – 2017 Tax Returns – 2017 Comey   – 2018 Mueller – 2019 Stormy   – 2019 Avenatti   – 2020 Impeachment 1   – 2021 Tish James  – 2021 Impeachment 2   – 2021 Garland   – 2022 Jan 6 Trial   – 2022 Taxes Again   – 2023 Stormy Again   – 2023 Alvin Bragg  – 2023 EJ Carroll  – 2023 Jack Smith Will Get Trump. President Trump placed the Biden regime in the spotlight for this phase of The Great Awakening.  As Biden red pills the masses on the true authoritarian nature of the Democrat party,  Trump is placing loyal patriots in key positions and growing stronger and more popular each day. Sometimes you can’t tell people the truth. You must SHOW them.   Trump has shown people the corrupt agenda of the enemy.   All while he baited the enemy into establishing precedents that will soon be used against them. . The best is yet to come.

Source:   Twin Tower City ⭐⭐⭐ (@TwinTowerCity) / Twitter

2a – Across much of USA today – from locals

2b – Armoured Vehicles in Philadelphia Read the comments.


2c – Tanks and Troops in USA and Canada

https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/tanks-troops-deploying-inside-u-s-a-and-canadaWorld Hal Turner 17 June 2023

3- It’s a revolutionary war to destroy liberty and freedom


4 – Excess Deaths in Australia 2022


5 – COVID-19 Test kits imports in 2017 – 3 years before released

6 – Steve Kirsch Testifies The Truth About All Vaccines:

There Is No Safe Vaccine. Not a Single One. 


7 – Tier 4B – How To Know If It Means You

Am I part of Tier 4B that I read so much about on the Internet?  I feel there is a lot of confusion about this. Many times, you will see posts or videos mention the Tier 4B and they loosely call them ‘the Internet Group’. This means, when readers/viewers come across it, they think to themselves…   “I must be in the Internet Group because I’m seeing this on the Internet!” Sounds feasible, but it’s not exactly how it works.


8 – Currency Exchange With Easy Redemption Process. Everything You Need

Marilyn Williams’ Blog! Information on the currency exchange that we believe is soon to take place. Get ready Tier 4B. A clear step by step redemption process.


from – Gem Finch, 16/06/2023 What we are hearing is the checks and cross checks have been  performed and the QFS is ready to go and did that by today and fully integrated and tested and good to GO and also the new USN is to be presented  – as part of Nesara and the kick off /activation date is supposed to be tomorrow June 16th  – so let’s see if that holds up for Nesara and Gesara  – and it’s not supposed to be ALL of it – but increases in Social Security and all those Birth certificates and banks and mortgages into the Restitutional allowance and if 62 and older you’ll get that lump sum and deposited into the same account as your SS  goes into or to an account of your choice.   On SS increase one example was supposed to get an increase yesterday  – one did and one didn’t.   

Now when it comes to everything else is that T1 and 2 have started moving  – then T3 and 4 the largest group combination of accounts that need access to funds we understand to be processed in the next couple of days.   The other thing by a PM over BH’s is T4A and B should be notified either tomorrow Friday or Saturday and that would decide if we exchange on say Friday or Saturday  – now if we get notified Saturday – we might just then power through  next week – but they want all the exchanges and Zim by the end of June and have 14 days to do this.   One RC we know of is staffed for the next 14 days – for appointments and exchanges – so we know they don’t want us to know when – and it’s hard getting information  – to call it a moving statement is an understatement – to be fair there was movement with 1 and 2  – but let’s see what happens for us tomorrow or Saturday and us get started.  Now Bruce has gone onto talking about Sue and her programs.  

So again I’m thinking that’s about the sum intel of Bruce for us for tonight.  Which of course is ALL good  – providing this time it actually eventuates and happens.   Bruce I’m sure will go on to thanking all his team – Sue and Bob and GCK and Pastor Scott and Jeannie and Larry.  And as always praying out the call – So again – please don’t stop with our prayers being said and sent to our Father in Heaven – am sure ALL our prayers are heard.   And will very soon be seen to manifest into all our Lives and the Lives of the Whole of Humanity.     Stay strong Dear Ones – Nearly There – NO GIVING UP NOW   LOVE ALWAYS Gem

QFS – I don’t know who Tony is -probably USA – I hope this is half true

From Tony at TNT, 6-16-2023.  The banks right now are telling their people that this country will have more millionaires than any other country and many billionaires! The banks will exchange for Dinar, Dong and other Currencies.   Check to see before you go to your appointment which currencies they will exchange.   Perhaps ask when you make your appointment.   The bank and others, such as the exchanger, those that make the contract, wealth managers, and even the tellers are going to get paid a bonus check for doing this.  The exchanger and the wealth manager are going to get paid on the amount of money you exchange.   They have been told about this.  

They will get paid well without having to go through all that we went through.   They had a meeting yesterday and when they returned to bank a couple of people said they couldnt talk about what was said.   But it was something about this weekend!! No bad news….rates are there!!! Everyone is on GO and waiting for the GO…..from the Treasury!!


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