2023/06/19th – Message To Sleepers

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Today I attempted to cash a USD Cheque (a gift from USA) The Bendigo Bank manager told me that after June 30 they will not accept any USD chqs or transfers you know why !

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1 – From your guardian Angel – Earlier I called you but, you didn’t hear me. Then I yelled, you heard me but, you didn’t want to listen. Now, you will be SHAKEN. Will you wake up? Will you see the reality?  I care about you.

1a – Is It SHTF Time?


1b – USA Military Movements now – footage from locals, not MSM  

2a – DON’T TOUCH TRUMP – Prophetic Signs on God’s Hebrew Calendar on *Passover 2023* Top Preacher Steve in Melbourne


2b – Admiral Leaves Audience Speechless – Excellent


2c – Dr Jason Dean – Follow Up Video 18/6/2023

We have confirmed with evidence that cities have been hacked, breached, poached.  Gov has been also and it’s been going on a while 2+ yrs overtly. Some cities have been in ransom-limbo for up to 3yrs and they won’t pay – so payroll,  transit, HR systems, and etc are in stasis.

Wave 1 – approx 17 major cities

Wave 2 – rolling server shutdowns to collapse internet
Wave 3 – 10 days to shutoff old / turn on new systems would be ‘blackout’

3 – Demonic Entities infest your de-vice or Devils Vice

I have tried to warn people for years – they refuse to listen. The TV is the same., always have been.  Flicking messages since the 1960’s


4 – To the people of Australia: we are one people


5 – UK to pay out over £11.5m in vaccine damages


from Faith *Starr* USA – Got Shingles – I had some round red, itchy welts appearing on my arms, hands and jaw. I put vinegar on them and shortly thereafter the itching stopped and they started to fade away. It seems to heal them. Just keep splashing the vinegar on them and the welts will fade away as well as the itching. Repeat as necessary. It Works for me!

6 – China’s Fake Electric Car Sales


7a – Lizard “Person Thing” caught on camera


7b – The scariest thing ever


8 – The Sun is a light – not a burning ball … Gen 1.16

9a – Do a Humanitarian Project You Can’t Afford


9b – Under our watch


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