2023/06/22nd – Fake meat and fish

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1 – Fake meat and fish

Real meat is so much better than plant-based “meat.” Ingredients in real ground beef = beef. Ingredients in plant-based ground beef = fillers, garbage additives, chemicals, and seed oils. Real meat = bioavailable nutrients. Plant-based meat = ANTI-nutrients.

2a – Military over the US June 2023 

2b – Durham Confirms Under Oath: Crooked Hillary Funded Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax JUN.21.2023. . . Australia named


2c – Biden Impeachment has begun  


3a – Putin Reveals Year-Old Ukraine Peace Treaty


3b – Hunter Biden laptop

The contents are pretty shocking.


3c – Genocidal churches banished; city ordered to cancel licensing, people empowered to seize churches


3d – RFK Jr. In “Hot Water” / Devastates The NWO


4a – Shedding Vaccine was developed in 2014

4b – Shedding is Real

4c – Where Does Spike Protein Come From & How Is It Created?

Spike Protein is Primarily Caused by WiFi Radio, Microwave and Gamma wave Radiation Poisoning Amplified by Magnetic Graphene Ferric Oxide Acting as a Receiving and Transmitting Antena Received From Pulsating Modulating Frequencies Transmitted by Cell Towers That Can Cause Serious Injury and Death to the Cells of Insects, Plants, Animals and Humans


5a – Dr Vernon Coleman – the old man in a chair


5b – An unprecedented surge in breast cancer since 2022 – why ?


5c – Shane Warne’s Death by mRNA Vaccine


and    https://news.sky.com/story/shane-warne-autopsy-reveals-cricket-legend-died-of-natural-causes-12559829

6 – Deagel data shows a 34.6 per cent population decline for Australia by 2025


7 – That terrible CO2

8a – More about electric cars  

8b – EMF while just sitting in your Elect Car

8c – Do you have an iPhone?

If so Take your iPhone and go to settings. Scroll down and press general > then scroll down to the bottom and press > legal & regulatory.. then click > RF Exposure “Radio Frequency Radiation.  You should read the disclaimer carefully … they’re literally telling you that your iPhone causes cancer and should not be held anywhere near your actual body… to avoid long term damage its recommended to use a wired hands free option or the loud speaker… Since the smartphones there has been an increase in colon, breast and rectal cancers…  cell phones. We are literally being fried from all angles

9a – AI Robots are worried    

9b – Christine Anderson message to Australia  she’s a White Hat

10 – The Voice Busted again

11 – Protect your children.

An attack that took place in Bordeaux on June 19, during Martinique.  The Black African (true to his nature) attacker was arrested by the police. He is well known to the police.

12 – How does HAARP work and what is its purpose.  They weaponised Nikola Tesla’s invention he made for good   

God Did This To Fallen Angels : TRUE STORY of Angels


Is this a fake – or from your ex family photo album ?

14 – US Navy band grass roots music

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