2023/06/24th – Titanic and the Titan submarine

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1 – Theories about the Titantic and Titan sub

2a – Why we are seeing more military moves ?

The more we let them do, the more we are slaves to the system. More videos, some to make you think, some to make you laugh, and just some: – it gets weirder and weirder.


2b – Simpsons again – the end of what ?

2c – Senator Price blows whistle on $100m-a-day Indigenous industry


3 – Robert Kennedy Jnr. Is challenging Bidden for President.

Watch the audience turn from negative body language to warming up and loving everything he says.


4a – Heart attach rescue  

4b – Planned Parenthood Doctor caught selling baby parts


4c – How hospitals became Covid Killing Fields – attorney Renz


5a – Forbidden Cures

6 – Dutch government is now taking people’s HOMES too


7 – Melbourne transport to descend into chaos


8 – Kevin Annett –  How to build Common Law Courts.


9 – The Cabal attempt to foil QFS

Beginning July 1, the Cabal U.S. government will take the first step toward creating its own cryptocurrency by releasing a new financial system called FedNow.  We all know crypto is based on nothing – fear not


10 – QFS  Bruce Conference Call    22 June

1.) The new Dinar rate will be visible on the FOREX Sunday afternoon (June 25, 2023) between 4:30 – 5:30 PM.
2.) Notifications for currency exchange appointments should start Saturday or Sunday for exchanges Monday-Tuesday.
3.) Bond holders and currency holders will exchange within 12 hours of each other. Exchange Center employees were instructed NOT to travel more than one hour from their bank office locations during the next 72 hours.
4.) The Brunson case decision (heard by the Supreme Court yesterday and today) will be announced Saturday or Sunday.
5.) Currency exchanges should start within 48 hours of Brunson case decision announcement, which nullifies the 2020 election.
6.) The Vietnamese Dong rate is between $4-6. The negotiable contract rate for the Dong is $10 below the Iraqi Dinar contract rate. The reported Dinar contract rate is approximately $35. 
6.) If you have Zimbabwe bond note(s), you will be offered a very high rate for the Dinar, but due to the incredibly high rate for the Zim, the Dinar contract rate will NOT be available to Zim holders.

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