2023/06/25th – Are we in a News Black Out ?

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Relax everyone. We have free entry into the movie theatre, but Biden & the EU have paid $6.2 Billion for their ticket to see the same movie.

Are we in a News blackout ? – just look at your TV news – teenage crime, politicians accusing of touchy touchy from those who don’t know their gender, cooking shows galore, dumb quiz games, pathetic colosseum shows with 20+ grown men fighting over a ball, rich people betting my horse can run faster than yours, Biden falling over, and the current distraction of the Titan sub … pray we will see something super significantly good very soon.

1 – Planes like sitting ducks


2a – The White Rabbit – Coles cash turn around


2b – The Voice – Land Grabs begin

2c – Australia Lockdown Eps 314 Del Bigtree


3 – Discrimination in Australia – help this man

Could you please pass this on to all you know particularly all members of parliament. I need your support – could someone get it out on social Media. I can’t/don’t use Facebook so if you can could you please put the words in the blue box on Facebook for me ?  All the best Bob Jarvis.

Bob Jarvis has a document from Queensland Courts: Department of Transport and Main Roads v JARVIS – was sent by email Fri,Jun16, 2023 at 10:16 AM that clearly states I am not allowed to drive over the Gateway Bridge unless I have a credit card. “IS THAT NOT DISCRIMINATION ?”

It makes an unfair difference in one’s treatment of people. “Oxford Dictionary”. The first time I ever heard the word “DISCRIMINATION” was when going to a mission school on Manus Island. Our teacher (Mrs Jean Stevens) tied the left hand of all the few lefties behind their back forcing them to write right handed until my Grandfather put a stop to that “rubbish’ telling the teacher it was “DISCRIMINATION”. Stating “Everyone has the right to use what/which is their individual, best way of getting things done as long as one gets hurt”.  A lesson I never forgot. The document I can produce states “if I haven’t got a credit card I am NOT to use the best/easiest/quickest way of getting to my destination by travelling over the Gateway Bridge. Why was the bridge built if is selective on who can/can’t use it? Who does it hurt ? The document states “I have to use an alternative road/route if I don’t have a credit card”. We must put a stop to this “rubbish” Don’t you think  ? Thank you and all the best … Bob Jarvis.   

4 – This Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Term ‘Down Under’ – Special Forces

This Gives A Whole New Meaning To The Term ‘Down Under’ – Special Forces


5a – Biden Administration Shredded – Biden Is Getting The Boot


5b – Trump speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition: Road to Majority Conference 24th June


5c – Huge announcement About Biden corruption


6a – Biden hates Putin, good people love him

6b – Putin’s new farming laws

Russian President Vladimir Putin has passed a law that anyone growing and selling Genetic Modified Foods is to be considered a Terrorist? He is giving away land to Russians who will grow food organically non-GMO.

6c – Vladimir Putin Public address to the nation


7 – WEF declares martial law in US as Biden “deploys” Military

Watch if you want, but I doubt if the real US military will take any notice. 


There are many examples of top Generals etc telling Biden they do not recognise him as President – here is just one

8 – Sweden Dumps Climate Agenda and Green Energy Targets


9 – 42 years ago a cure for cancer was discovered.

Everyone knows that curing cancer isn’t as profitable as treating it and billing you every step of the way. However, one thing to consider is that noe of the elite have ever died of any cancer, they always die of old age. What does that tell you?  

Also – You’ve seen it before but pass it on – many will need it now 



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