2023/06/28th – A flood of info is coming – both true and fake – item 1

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1 – A flood of info is coming – true and fake

Your head in the sand won’t work now. When you go down on your knees, the battle is not over – it’s just begun.. Pray if you want, but David had to pick up the rock to kill Goliath, yes kill, and the cut his head off… No slap on the wrist.  Sitting in pews and singing songs lead by an inert pastor, that’ll fix it all.. right ? Not every War is gunpowder and bloodshed.. This War is about the enslavement of your mind, body and soul. It starts with waking up to the reality that the enemy is not those who disagree with you, but those who control both sides from behind a curtain. Never mistake your kindness for weakness, your silence as ignorance, your forgiveness as submission, your humbleness for lack of preparation, nor your faith for blindness. For we are Soldiers of God and we have a power backing us that the enemy will NEVER understand. We are many, we are one, and nothing can defeat us, not even death for our mission is beyond the flesh. Godspeed.   

1a – Aussie Cossack reports

The Russian military have shot down several Australian drones in Ukraine over the past few days. Albanese promised that Australian drones would only be used for “delivering medicine” & “reconnaissance”. The cardboard drones are made in Melbourne by Australian company SYPAQ have been shot down carrying 5 kg explosives used to kill Russians. Will Russia retaliate against the source of these Australian made drones ?   Thanks Albo and the traitorous manufacturer. Welcome to the War.

1b – A Visitor Purposely Goes To Ukraine And Visits Kyiv (Kiev) And Looks For The War – Fails To Find It


1c – World is Rising Up 

2 – Pastor Steve – A year old message, but deserves a reminder to inert Pastors too  

3a – Albanese and the AEC will get the Voice up – without the polls

A Letter to the Editor Labor and the communist lackeys will without any doubt whatsoever steal this referendum, if it’s being run by the AEC then we’re definitely f…… no matter what the polls say. I can see Albanese saying after it passes that it was an act of God that the Yes vote won but every self respecting Australian already knows this referendum is going to be railroaded through by whatever means necessary and no criminality will be spared in carrying out the WEF agenda to void our sovereignty and make us all slave labourers again.

We are headed back to prison colony days and there is no democratic way to stop this rampant corruption other than a massive uprising of the people to force these corrupt politicians out of office. They have invalidated their right to govern by serving a foreign power and they should all be tried for high treason. It sickens me every time I think about what this referendum is going to do to the Australia we all know and love and it will take an act of God to prevent these corrupt criminals from stealing this referendum.


3b – Residents launch campaign against council’s cashless policy


3c – Australia – Proposed Censorship “Laws

Under new draft legislation, social media giants could be hit with millions of dollars in fines if they repeatedly fail to take down disinformation and misinformation. Under the proposed laws, the authority would be able to impose a new “code” on specific companies that repeatedly fail to combat misinformation and disinformation or an industry-wide “standard” to force digital platforms to remove harmful content. Who determines what is fake or real exposure ?

4 – Trump is Winning Again – Speech June 25

The link doesn’t work anymore 

but I grabbed it – here is the audio only  

5 – Humanoid Beings Rule The World Financially From The Vatican

from Former World Bank Lawyer Karen Hudes


6 – Alice in Wonderland – Torture Technique


Items of secondary importance in my opinion

1 – If you love to eat chicken nuggets,


2 – Four Words for Police pull overs

3 – Tim Dwyer has been hacked

4 – Exposed – how old is your fruit and vegies


5 – Illness and Technology increase – why ?

6 – Tartaria – World Wars 1 and 2 were done to destroy much of the old world Infrastructure

7 – Steel Plant Free Energy

8 – Moon Landing Archive Footage

Archive footage of Stanley Kubrick that he requested to be published after his death and a cover letter in which he says, among other things: “With the cooperation of the US government and NASA, we faked the moon landings. ALL moon landings were faked and I filmed them all

9 – Vatican Secrets + Bible Mistranslations

RV is very near

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