2023/06/26th – Trump’s Secret Plan Exposed

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Trump’s Secret Plan Exposed  – Item 5+6

But firstly – A few short things to think about

a – How convenient that the entire world was focused on a submarine the entire time that the John Durham testimony revealed that our two tiered system of justice cannot remain as it is without accountability.

b – Commonwealth Bank customers today locked out of online services amid major outage – technical problems of course – accident or something else ?

c – NSW cashless pokies trial shutdown after cyber attack – 7NEWS. A trial of cashless poker machines has been shut down after an apparent cyber attack on an outside software supplier. The Wests Newcastle group believes no customer data has been compromised, but it’s brought an early end to the local test.


d – A message from General Michael Flynn 

e – Recently used underground tunnel 

f – Tartaria – amazing

g – No vaxx  no covid  

h – Herein lies is the biggest problem  

1- The Voice plans have started – VOTE NO to avoid division and potential war.

2 – Australian Government Gave Big Tech $10 Million to Remove Over 4,000 COVID Posts


3a – Cairns News 24 hour poll about Voice:

Final tally:    3849 NO votes      3 YES votes

I predict a civil will start if that Voice SCAM ever get through fraud. There would be a lot of blood shed and some in our section in our society will pay a very heavy price.


3b – The Voice architect, Thomas Mayo wants a ‘practical veto’ on super policy

Thomas Mayo/r wants to get his hands on your Super too!



4 – QFS Zim Bonds – Greg O Neill

The Zim Bond is denoted in the Zimbabwean Dollar, and is payable in that currency or its equivalent, just as the US Treasury Bond is payable in our dollar, same thing. The bearer bond is a sovereign bank debt instrument, issued by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. I don’t see a way to get around the fact the Zim Bond is denoted in the Zimbabwean Dollar, being traded now on Forex currency markets, when the bond clearly says to pay to the bearer of the face value of the bond in that currency. What other way is there to be seen? 

As of 5/31/23 as seen at https://forbes.com/advisor/money-transfer/ currency-converter, at the very end of their list of currencies being traded you will find ZWL (Zimbabwean Dollar), the face value of a single 100T ZWL bearer bond, converted to USD, comes to the very tidy sum of 310,600,000,000 USD or 310.6 B USD per 100 T ZWL. 1 ZWL = 0.003106 USD and 1 USD = 321.9670161 ZWL.

The Intel reports tell us that we will get 1% at our redemption appointment, with the balance accessible 90 days from the appointment. On July 1st 2023, the world switches over to SOFR lending service mechanisms on the new digital economy. As we said this morning, 50% of companies have not completely switched over to the new lending service. This will cause fluctuations in the Global Markets to the downside in those assets whereby companies did not make that switch. Others will find their values to the upside that have. Because we have chosen to move into a new monetary mechanism on July 1 (SOFR) that is collateralized and standardized by assets of real values along with new policies to go with them on July 15, new rates on everything will begin to make their moves into real values based upon these changes. 

Again, Libor contracts that did not make the cut on the deadline have an extension date until September the 15th. This does not mean we have to wait for everything to change on that date to see a revaluation take place. Yet, some assets may take that long for you to receive what you were looking for at that time. Time will tell. I can tell you that Stablecoins, which represent a country’s currency, has began the process of being liquidated. The movement of money in those coins that take place on July 1st will begin to calculate new norms and new values. Give them a little time.  Re-evaluations begin the moment those mechanisms change at midnight on July the 1st 2023. It is a process whereby assets will be digitally interfacing themselves with other assets of real value that will support their underlying principle prices. As I have said this morning, every sector of the market will begin to change. Some will change faster than others. This is why it is important to wait for the rate on your sector of the market you are looking for to find a value you want to redeem your asset at during that time. You will never be in this position at this level like you are now again. You will need to pay attention, and you may need to be patient. 

Just know we are in this together.  © Goldilocks


5 – Nobody ever walked in front of the Queen

6 – Trump’s Secret Plan Exposed

Interesting – I could not dnload this normally, so I screen copied and compressed it playing at 1.25 speed – listen


Trump came down the elevator with Melania to do one thing:  Take the HEAD off of the Central Banks. That was the Goliath, and he was David. Since Trump came down that elevator… they hit him CEASELESSLY.

It was not about him being ‘good’ or ‘bad’… or if he was divorced… or if he used a bad word… but it was about this… FOLLOW THE MONEY. Why follow the money?  All roads lead to Rome where Julius Caesar used to have all of the power… until Rome ‘fell’

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