2023/06/29th – The three current issues

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Warning – True or Not – be prepared anyway

WARNING: Have cash on hand by this weekend.  With loss of the SWIFT system and switching to BRICS, the US dollar for the most part,  was no longer being traded on international markets.  As a result, this weekend Central Banks, which have been functioning on fiat monies, were considering calling in loans, filing for bankruptcy and doing bail-ins.  In other words, they could try to steal your funds.  Although Banks accounts have been mirrored onto the new Quantum Financial System, it may be many days before you would have access to your monies. On Sat. 1 July, International Financial Markets will transform into a new digital asset backed economy.  The new Quantum Financial System would be completely interfaced in computers around the World  in order to coordinate currency transactions through the International Payment System ISO 20022..… Goldilocks

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Change your Internet provider – I recommend onthenet.com.au  Ph 07 5553 9222However several people have no internet at all – could it be getting ready for July 1st – 4th

1 – The Voice – Land Transfers

2a – Melbourne School promoting Gender Change

2b – Russia exposes Hunter Biden’s Underage sex tapes

2c – The world wide Pedo Industry

In case there are still some who do not believe the extent of it

2d – Mock God on Live TV, then THIS Happens


3a – Thank You, Mel Gibson.

3b – Trailer for Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel.   July 4th

This is staggering. It is the story they do not want you to hear. And god help you if you start to look into this because they will demonize & smear you & accuse you of being a crazy conspiracy theorist – just for following the facts… What are they so afraid of? Being exposed. They are afraid of the light – come with me into the light. Stand up for these children – God’s children – and for the truth.


4 – Dr Patrick Moore – Co-founder of Greenpeace

5a – As for the Biden-Zielinsky war

The propaganda machine has the people believing  -at least half of them  that an 81 year old liar, who didn’t hardly campaign, got 81 million votes. Of course, people are speaking up all over the country. It does no good. Where will it all end? With more military-industrial feeding (addition wars!).

5b – Colonel Douglas Macgregor: Prigozhin Breaks His Silence On The Mercenary Rebellion In Russia


6 – RV – Are we getting closer ? hang in there – it will be

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