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Those who say they are not interested in American Politics should note that their goings on will have a dramatic effect on Australia – like it or not.

From Wolverine, quick update, according to Ground Command, the entire world is currently under international or global martial law (n.b. NOT national martial law) – individual governments have zero control and are in the process of renegotiating for sovereignty. In other words the governments and/or government Incs are currently not recognized as sovereign and need to register with the Archivists and Hall of Records via Ground Command and/or revised Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) structure/s. Also, all countries are currently declared bankrupt and the IME, UN, World Bank, WEF, etc. are also defunct corporations without any sovereignty.

These will be replaced by a revised GIA and entity known as CARE. The IRS is being restructured and may be replaced completely. Janet Yellen has been fired (not public yet) and the US Federal Reserve + Treasury is on notice till 30 June, i.e. if they cannot pay the Global Repository back the quadrillions owed, it will be handing over ALL its assets including property, commercial property, land, business assets, etc. We are about to see the real truth and the real news unfold before our eyes. Brace yourselves for short term volatility, medium term change and long term prosperity… AND, if you want to stay up to date, tune into United Network News or UNN. #DYOR – Patriot Rod Steel

1a – The World of Clones: Doubles, Clones, Actors, Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI


1b – Biden says Vladimir Putin “is clearly losing the war in Iraq.”  

Joe clearly losing the battle in his head.

1c – Bank Records Show Bidens Received HUGE Payout After Chinese Shakedown


2a – FBI admits: There Was No Insurrection


2b – Court Wins for Trump 1


2c – Court Wins for Trump 2


2d – Court Wins for Trump 3


3a – Madonna accused of Child Trafficking


3b – Jewopoly – Drugs, money and the Bible


4 – Graphene Oxide is in many medications


5 – “I’m EXPOSING the whole thing before .. “

from Edward Snowden , the renowned NSA whistleblower and an American hero in the eyes of many, has just revealed something deeply unsettling about UFOs.  From classified encounters to shadowy alliances, the truth about extraterrestrial life has been hidden in plain sight.  Snowden’s latest revelation transcends the realm of extraterrestrial life, and it is a wake-up call that demands our attention.  Edward Snowden is an American and naturalized Russian former computer intelligence consultant and whistleblower who leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013, when he was an employee and subcontractor.


6a – Albo explains Net Zero… hmm “clearly”

6b – Warren Mundine on the voice


6c – Jacinta Price


6d – John Ruddick MLC – Ytube deleted it

It is one thing to have your politically protected speech censored off Youtube – it is quite another when it is also your maiden speech to parliament. This just happened to the Liberal Democrats John Ruddick MLC


6e – NSW ex-Premier Gladys Berejiklian…

What Gladys Berejiklian and Daryl Maguire’s intercepted calls reveal
What the intercepted calls between former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian and former NSW MP Daryl Maguire reveal. Warning: This story contains coarse language.


7a – Charlie Ward isn’t announcing GESARA 

7b – Charlie Ward say we will have a good week

7c – Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, 30/06/2023    

7d – “SOME MISUNDERSTANDING ABOUT THIS INVESTMENT” BY DINAR IRAQ AND DONG VIETNAM, 29th June Here are some of the misunderstandings about this investment I will clarify today:

1. What the new lower denominations would be when the CBI does launch them;

2. How the process on deleting the zeros will work. Will they null and void out the old 3 zero notes once they redenominate? For instance: Could the CBI remove the three zeros from the currency for instance, bringing the 25,000 dinar note down to $25 and leave us investors holding the bag?

3. How long will we have to take our large 3 zero notes to the bank to exchange them?Personally, I feel to answer these questions is all actually such OLD news I find it hard to believe anyone actually does not know this stuff by now, but I will explain these again if this is helpful. Now that you newbies found me, please try to stick with me and read my newsletters periodically whenever they come out instead of just occasionally “dropping” in & out from curiosity …lol..lol… It would make life a lot easier for you in understanding this RV process and your currency investment.  This way you don’t need to catch up to everyone else and ask boring questions.

Why Invest in the Iraqi Dinar?

There is literally no way you could make such a high rate of return on an investment as with dinar foreign currency, or any currency in the same situation, with the potential like it that Iraq possesses. The key however is to buy the currency when it is worth pennies or a percentage of a penny. This is sort of like buying a penny stock before it goes on the trading platforms. They call these Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Using this buying leverage, you can buy millions of it and afford to do so for almost nothing then, make millions when it revalues. Even a common poor person can participate. Many people will just not get this basic concept. They get lost on the concept somehow. But that’s okay. I guess they need more certainty in their lives. But I will tell you with such a small investment of money and with such a huge potential gains in the future, how can you lose? Honestly,,,, How Can You Lose! What will you lose, maybe a couple thousand if it goes sour? So the risk, if any even, is very minimal.

Oh…but if you are thinking this is a “get rich quick” scheme you are so wrong. This is a highly speculative, long term investment. You have to have guts or no glory! It is that simple. It will take time for Iraq to rebuild all sectors of its society. But they will rebuild not back the way they were pre-1991 – 2003 Saddam Hussien days, but stronger and more vibrant. This will take time but where can you get such high rates of return we have to wait a decade or two for it to pay off. But who really knows. I have proof the Iraqi dinar should have revalued around 2006 this was the original plan, but politics in Iraq held it up. Then again in 2012 and again even in 2015 we witnessed the news of a pending RV. But we still wait. Remember the time to buy into something, like a foreign currency, is not after the revaluation occurs. How silly it that! Then it’s too late. I know, I know most will want the certainty but read my lips – like I said then it’s too late, since the cost of the currency normalized by then and it will cost you millions to get very little in return. 

Then why bother after- the- fact.

Remember when you buy this type of foreign currency, like the Iraqi dinar, do not hedge it. Do not buy it on a payment plan. Many have already got burned because of this foolishness. Buy it and take possession of it. Buy what you can afford at the time, and as time goes by then buy more and more as your financial resources allow. Then stash it somewhere and tie into an honest site to watch it. But you are not concerned about watching growth like a stock. Get it? What you should be doing is watching for the BIG Revaluation day, the one time shot, the BIG BANG!

Below is some FACTUAL information on what categories of the lower denominations that still need to be rolled out. Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, [30/06/2023 06:14] We already know that the 250, 500 and 1000 dinar notes are in circulation and are planned to remain in circulation even after the project to delete the zeros is completed. However the CBI and the Finance Ministry often refer to these notes also as the “lower” denominations. But they know there are still “lower of the lower” denominations and these are what I am taking mostly about today in this presentation.

a – What will the new lower denominations would be when the CBI does launch them? Newer “lower of the lower” denomination notes are as follows: Bills: 1 dinar, 5 dinar, 10 dinar, 25 dinar, 50 dinar, 100 dinar Coins: 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils and a 1 dinar with lower coins of 1 fils, 2 fils and 5 fils added later as the economy improves and the value continues to rise.

How will the CBI arrive at these new bills?

b – How the process on deleting the zeros will work. Will they null and void out the old 3 zero notes once they redenominate? For instance the 1000 dinar bill which is remaining in addition, but if you delete the 3 zeros it also becomes the 1 dinar note.  The same applies to the 5,000 bill becomes the 5 bill, the 10,000 becomes the 10 bill and the so on and so forth.  If you notice that each of the lower of the lower denomination notes also have a corresponding higher 3 zero note, just add three zeros. Coincidence? No, it is not. This was designed this way all along since October 2003 when they first issued these higher notes. So, when you delete the three zeros form the currency in the project to delete the zeros, what do you do? You delete three zeros get it? Is this so hard to understand? The rate therefore does not change only the bills change. Get it? This is the part that most people do not understand. But it is really not hard to understand.  I know, I know this sounds like a weird statement to make but it will be the process. Technically there is not going to be any revaluation in Iraq. Get it? 

Wow okay so now you are totally confused. Your head is spinning….Don’t be confused. Just read on and TRUST what I am saying. Read it slowly. It is not until you take the older three zero dinar notes, when is reinstated on FOREX, at the rate we are all looking to exchange it for.  We are outside of Iraq, and we will exchange the dinar for our currency of our own country.  For instance: the US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar Pound, etc, etc. We will do this when there is a significant increase in its exchange rate capability. It is not going to be realized in Iraq in their country. In Iraq there is not going to be any dancing in the streets, fireworks or celebrations afterwards. Get it? 

Yes, the people will be glad they finally got rid of these large, cumbersome notes. They will finally see a change back to normalcy.  Soon they will forget the wars.

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