2023/07/01- Good news and revelations

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Those who say they are not interested in American Politics should note that their goings on will have a dramatic effect on Australia – like it or not. The “Voice” – was tried in USA years ago – it was thrown out and will be the same here

QFS – A letter in my PO box assuring that in the event of bank problems, we can do all our banking there next week. Unusual ??

1a – Biden impeached ?   

Congress Voted – Yes = 219  No = 208 

That was last week. He hasn’t been impeached yet, but the process has been started to impeach in the House of Representatives.  

1b – Phil Godlewski… FADE to BLACK … Intel

 A bit long – watch if you want but a few snips from this

1 – this week there was yet another assassination on Donald J. Trump. The assassins are all dead now… by the way.   Obama has been ‘dealt with’ for a while now.  He sang like a bird.   They are DESPERATE to do anything to prevent what happens next.

2 – we are going to be in a period WITHOUT ELECTRICITY… start in certain cities…and spread.   It is WHITE HATS doing it.  The Black Hats have no control over it.

3 – the REASON is to create a mass down time for COMMUNICATIONS and travel… during an EMP your car will not run and airplanes will not fly.

4 – …Brunson case and previous intel that said SCOTUS already overturned the election? 

5 – Q:  Will we see JFK, Jr. soon? A:  You will not see JFK, Jr. before Trump comes back.   Everything you see is a roll out ‘show’ of what has already happened… need to help the public understand.

6 – Q:  Is FedNow good? A:  The FedNow is the Fed’s digital currency.  The Fed is NO MORE.  They had a plan for digital currency so they could control everything.


1c – Their Evil plans will be Thwarted 

2 – British Resident destroys local council ‘Green Agenda’

by exposing some very real inconvenient Truths. “It’s a 4 Billion Pound a day Industry” that’s why it’s called the ‘Climate Scam’

3 – RFK Jr. Expanding on his vaccine stance,


4 – Roseanne Barr – The “Devil” has resigned


5 – How many warnings will it take ?? 

Almost every email is sent to me boasting – SENT FROM MY SMARTASS DEVICE.” – What on Earth are people thinking ??

6 – British Army Veterans waking up

7a – Did you know ?

7b – Remember this ?

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