2023/07/03rd – News + Somethings Different

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Those who say they are not interested in American Politics should note that what happens there will have a dramatic effect on Australia – like it or not. The “Voice” – was tried in USA years ago – it was thrown out and will be the same here

1b – The Hidden Chronicles of The Devolution Plan: Declassifying Secrets, Unraveling Truths, Military Might – The Last Line of Defense


2 – Supreme Court Trump Ruling Shakes the NationDonald’s Fans Have Been Waiting for This Decision

The Supreme Court tossed out a case created by Democrats to get records from Trump’s in D.C. Trump owned the hotel during his presidency, but sold it in recent years. It seems Democrats yet again wanted anything belonging to Trump, to find something they could use against him. In Democrats’ minds, Trump is always guilty. They just need to find the evidence to confirm their bias against him.


3 – The real Trump “Never Give Up!”  2017

Not found on Ytube – and ever since – they have attacked him personally and his family – no one is perfect ! How may other leaders tell us to trust in God ? and echoed by Mel GibsonNever mistake our kindness for weakness, Our silence as ignorance,  Our forgiveness as submission, Our humbleness for lack of preparation,  Nor our faith for blindness. For we are Soldiers of God and we have a power backing us that the enemy will NEVER understand. We are many, we are one, and nothing can defeat us, not even death, for our mission is beyond the flesh. 

4 – This is the DJT 4th July – some say is a double.

He doesn’t wear a tie and wears the cap pulled down tight. Notice his face is also blurred out in this video. Don’t know if true or not.

5 – Bosi explains what is happening

What is Q – who are the White Hats – why so long ?

6 – FORGET THE NONSENSE in Australian Politics and the fear tactic warnings about threats and plans of Klause and Co. Enjoy some interesting items you won’t find easily

a – Testing building materials 

b – Tunnels and DUMBs – what’s in them ?

c – You beaut small cars

d – Your body is wonderfully made – no drugs or injections needed

e – A Fashion Show not to miss

f – Current Robots you can buy – if you really want !!

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