2023/07/05th  – What are some banks up to ?

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1 – What are some banks up to ? – Get your cash out now ?     

The bank that is no longer holding cash: Aussie immediately closes her account after teller refuses to let her withdraw money. A furious customer has closed her bank account after trying to get cash out only to be told the branch had no money inside with the woman’s attempts to get her funds from an ATM continually frustrated. Some banks in NZ and Australia have begun to not hold ANY physical cash. These psychopaths want to get rid of cash so people are forced to go digital.

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2a – Message from President Trump! 

From America to the world! It doesn’t matter what position you are in, if your name is on the most wanted list and you don’t show up within 24 hours, you will be executed immediately.  Execution of all pedophiles!  It’s finally time to say this has been aired.  Now is the time to heal and build a new tomorrow.  May God Bless The People Of This World And…..  May God Bless America.  July 3, 2023!

2b – Jim Caviezel interview

3 – More Schwab plans, theories and fear tactics

4 – Exposing The Corruption of Albo and ASIC


5 – The odds of 2023 ending as one of the Top 3 warmest on record is estimated at 80%.

The sun goes thru cycles – ain’t nuthin’ one can do except prepare as best you can.


6 – ‘Disgust’: cop charged with Tasering 95yo

A magistrate angrily expressed his “absolute disgust” at the state prosecutor after a NSW police officer was charged with tasering 95-year-old great grandmother Clare Nowland.


7a – How serious are you about NOT losing your house\land?? The wannabe VOICE

Here is information about “The Voice”. This is a UN (United Nations) land grab agenda that was tried in the USA years ago and FAILED. It has to fail here too,

Rita Panahi on the federal Voice to Parliament. Sky News host Rita Panahi says the Voice to Parliament on a federal level is going to “impact everybody” after looking at South Australia’s version being delayed by six months. “It’s going to impact everybody, it’s not going to be something where you can just say… ‘well I don’t need to worry about that, I’m not a farmer.


7b – WA community are ‘outraged’ with Aboriginal cultural heritage laws

Pastoralists and Graziers Association WA President Tony Seabrook says the new Aboriginal cultural heritage laws in WA is the “greatest attack” on private property since Federation.  “The community of WA are … outraged that they’ve done this,” Mr Seabrook told Sky News Australia.


7c – You’re being fooled: Sky News host fact checks PM and Voice Yes campaigners’ support


8 – QFS  Update from Wolverine, July, 5th

Expect power grid failures and blackoutscancelled flights, blocked passportsArmy in major US cities in preparation for riotsMass arrests more than 42,000 indictmentsAnnouncement of recall of the 2020 election as a result of the Brunson case. – Smoke from eastern US chemical fireHeavy Armed Forces on the West Coast Train derailmentsChem Trails destroying cropsFalse flag events, earthquakes, tsunamis

The threat of War Q warned us about

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