2023/07/07th  – The Voice is starting to mumble

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I have been called

I have been called a romanticist, survivalist, opportunist, personalist, mythologist, pastoralist, rationalist, paternalist, nationalist, researchist, histologist, probabilist, teetotalist, strategist, nonconformist,  revivalist, anecdotalist, solidarist, illuminist, activist, motorist, theorist, idealist, botanist, optimist, tourist, realist, cyclist, amorist, idyllist, statist, typist —and may more. And I don’t give a bugger if some fool calls me a racist — out of ignorance.  

1a – Albanese in ‘damage control’ after realising the Voice is in ‘big trouble’


1b – Albanese creates ‘massive division’ with Voice ‘overreach’ in regional electorate


1c – ‘Transfer of power’: Voice has ‘very little’ to do with supporting Indigenous Australians


1d – Bruce Pascoe ‘finally confronted’ over ‘fake Aborigine’ claims


1e – The ‘game is up’ ‘despicable’ Lidia Thorpe


2a – What about HER little Voice?

Yes, that is an aboriginal child being dragged by her hair by an Aboriginal man in Roebourne Western Australia.

2b – God’s Children are not for sale – reaction to the movie  Sound of Freedom

3a – Unlawful Corporate Pirates on our roads

A breath test is a “medical procedure”. Section 51 23A states “no conscription of medical procedures” We have another revenue raising attempt for the foreign Corporation called “VicPol” pretending to be Victorian Police. Never pay their extortion racket fines. https://aussiespeedingfines.com/ Complying with tyrants has a 100% failure rate people, whatever these tyrants say DO THE OPPOSITE… You have NO obligation to prove your innocence. They have to prove your guilt, and presume your innocence until you’re proven to be guilty.


3b – Lancet Study on Covid Vaccine Autopsies Finds 74% Were Caused by Vaccine – Study is Removed Within 24 Hours



4 – Power Grid Fluctuations Could Occur from Back-to-Back Solar Flares Hitting Earth




5 – A Guardian angel  

6 – QFS  Bruce’s voice  call


What Intel Bruce was getting for intel just before the call this evening – we were supposed to be notified today or tomorrow at 6.30pm and out of Geneva at 7pm – and Bond Holders would get liquidity Saturday and we’d be expecting Saturday for the exchanges – the call just dropped again.   And also, he lastly said the RC staff would be on Friday – Sat – Sun for next four days and then 15 days straight – but 6.30 or 7 tomorrow for the notifications. – Iraq is good and rates continuing to go up – and Bruce saying there might be a deadline of 7pm for tomorrow – so it’s ALL GOING THROUGH – and that’s ALL he’s GOT and that’s it’s Bruce just dropped off the line again – it’s really like they didn’t want Bruce to give this intel tonight.   I hope I got that ALL – he was talking really fast – just to get it out  – Bruce dropped from the call again and back again now but who knows for how long.   He did clearly say before he dropped from the call again – that was really all the intel he had for tonight.  

Some interference is obviously in play with this call tonight.   So let’s take this as a REALLY GOOD SIGN and that this will Truly be the Last Regular Call – Sue is doing a short segment by the sound of it  – and I’m thinking Bob might do the same  – but I think we have the Intel from Bruce  – and hopefully Bob has been able to record it – Am sure Bruce will pray out the call and thank the whole team as usual  – so Let’s ALL pray that this Truly is a wonderful sign and that magic miraculous time of notifications being finally released.  

Please keep praying Everyone – EVERY Prayer is SO IMPORTANT and we have to let The Father and Heaven know how important this is to the whole of HUMANITY AND OUR WORLD. Love Always Gem

And a message from Mark

A message from Michael Flynn

7 – Admiral Byrd – the Land beyond the Wall

8 – For your eyes only – focus on 1 line only

9 – This Event Took Place Before Creation of Earth


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