2023/07/08th  – Something incredible is happening in Europe – Items 1 + 3 + 9 + 10

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1 – “Most Corrupt, Unpopular Leader In Dutch History.” Mark Rutte – Dutch government collapses over migration row


2a – Riccardo Bosi Sovereignty

2b – Albo – ♪♪ the Creepy Clown♪♪

2c – Cindy Roberts No abo consultation

2d – The Voice’ is in breach of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975

The voice referendum is a gross deliberately contrived discrimination against all people of Australia who came here from 238 different countries and our migrant ancestors who built this country, our ancestors turned Australia from a primitive stone-age culture into a productive modern county held in high respect around the world, regretfully some appear to prefer a stone-age existence of violence, rape, killing and theft, ruled by weapons that is tolerated by governments as an acceptable standard for those communities — instead of democratic law.  Had it been otherwise the government would have prevented it long ago.

2e – Labor’s Misinformation Bill – is draconian  

The proposed laws exempt Government and MSM from its scope, making this an extreme and dangerous law


3a – Q = Update Friday, July 7, 2023

Stay Strong. Stay Prepared. Stay Peaceful. Right Now the Military was on the Streets in 27 States – Along With Rumours of Seeing Soft Martial Law Soon – Worldwide Economic Meltdown On The Horizon – JFK Files Released The CIA Killed President Kennedy With Help of the Pentagon and State Department “Operation Freedom”

3b – Good News from Holland 

4a – www.The Whole World is Watching

4b – This is going to sound Crazy

4c – During the 10 days of Darkness 

5 – Compilation Things we should know Including a message from a Chinese Clistian

6a – About Chemtrails…

For all the skeptics, you can see in this clip exactly when they turn the chemtrail off. You can’t turn contrails off, it would mean the engine has stopped. But you can sure turn chemtrails on and off. 

6b – What Are They Doing to the Sky? Strange Patterns


7a – Bill Gates wants everyone to experience Malaria, not just poor people. Maybe he will be first to go ?

7b – Fed Launches Phase One of Their CBDC This MonthThey wish

8 – Sound of Freedom – a few mins


9a – QFS RV Iraq

9b – QFS RV Simon Parkes 

10 – Something incredible is happening in Europe, that will fuel the worldwide awakening


11 – Delete Google’s Data on you

12 – Putin 2017 Released the Tartarian Maps   

13 – Some great old songs country style


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