2023/07/10th   – Cabal puts war manufacturers on alert

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1a – Red Alert! Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed All Put on ‘Full Alert Mode’ Retirees Called in….

When all these WAR MACHINE companies are alerted to fire up production there is catastrophe looming right around the corner! But if that wasn’t enough, the Biden Administration goes and does exactly what it called a WAR CRIME not more than a few years ago.


1b – Army tanks rattling through Adelaide streets on Saturday 8th

Just an exercise of course, and I wonder if they had a Local Council permit ??

The Australian Army has shown off its military strength in Adelaide’s CBD. Soldiers from the 1st Armoured Regiment accompanied by two Abrams battle tanks marched along King William Road from the Torrens Parade Ground to St Peters Cathedral. 7NEWS Adelaide at 6pm. The military Chaplin/priest is there because he will bury the soldiers who will die if there is another war. We don’t have a dictator or foreign power running the country because we have a military. I wonder what would have happened if the Army had refused the directive of the State Police?


2 – The WEF puppets + NZ PM Hipkins are at Summer Davos in Tianjin China.


3a – Trump says electric cars make you fat – joke

3b – Donald Trump Jr’s late visa approval appears ‘unusual’


4a – The real Whitehouse last night – a green light for what ? see 13

4b – Tucker’s views on race + Immigration

4d – Missing Biden Whistle Blower remerges to Detail DOJ Cover-Up Of Joe’s Corrupt China Connection

5 – No physics, chemistry or biology in Communist New Zealand Schools


6 – Australians Warned about Cash Withdrawals

As Banks Go Digital More Australian bank branches are banning cash withdrawals, with customers now advised to call ahead if they want a large sum from a teller. ANZ and NAB have announced they were no longer permitting cash withdrawals over the  counter at some of their outlets as more banking is done online than with cash.




7a – Disgusting “Pride” display NSW State Library


7b – Independent Anti-Child Sex Trafficking Film Crushes Disney ‘Blockbuster’ | Media Freaks Out


7c – ‘The Miracles are Insane” – Tim Ballard Real Life Stories

Former U.S. government agent Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, pulls back the curtain on the real-life stories that inspired “Sound of Freedom,” the new movie from Angel Studios that chronicles his work to rescue thousands of children from slavery and sex trafficking.


Only eight of Australia’s 44 referendums were a Yes. View Here  


We the People Constitutional Convention

The People of any country should have the right not privilege to declare a Referendum in times of peace or in times of war

  • Remove the WHO from Australia participation null
  • Remove Australia from the Communist UN
  • All contracts or agreements with WHO to be declared null & void
  • Investigate and charge those involved with Covid-19 mandates
  • All political parties to be declared unlawful publicly
  • Restore & Reinstall Proportional Representation nationally from the unlawful Preferential voting system
  • The right to bear arms
  • No trans-national agencies, organisation or associations to interfere into any health mandates
  • To install a Recall system nationally
  • Unlawful for the MSM to spread misinformation-disinformation-lies-suppression of facts and evidence with heavy censorship
  • Treason to be declared against the Parliament, police, military, intelligence agencies, MSM
  • Initiate Citizens Initiated Referendums CIR  use Sovereign Initiated Referendums

Referendums change unjust and tyrannical laws to amend or declare null and void



8c – Australian Red Cross


9 – Photos from Google Earth Devon Island Canada is Mars. Another NASA lie


10 – France’s riots are One Big Psyop   Who is telling the truth?


11 – Problem-Action-Solution  She may be right

It will not stop the Trafficking ?


12 – Decent Western Australian police unite to challenge the Covid Mandate Tyrants


13 – White House last night

There are Rumours that Trump will be back in by July 27 = Gregorian Calendar – That is July 4th on the Hebrew Calendar. Hopium ?

14 – Bodies of Strange Creatures found in London Basement


15 – QFS

There’s a chance we might get notification tonight. There’s no assurance of that but, keep an eye on your emails.

16 – Words of Wisdom from older people

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