2023/07/14th – An array of gotta knows

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An array of items no particular order – info flood

1 – A message from Bosi

2 – Have you had 2 jabs or more ?

3 – Mandatory Smart Meters? – Hugo Talks


4 – Climate scam – great speech


5 – General Flynn: There Won’t Be a 2024 Election – a Black Swan Event Coming

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences


6 – Are Australian Windmills powered by Coal?

Alex blows the lid on the rorts behind our supposed wind powered solution to climate change, and why our power bills are so high. Cafe Locked Out On The Road.

7 – Trump, Covid, Pedo exposure etc


8 – Why did Mark McGowan stand down as WA premier – Bad Australian vaccine data


9 – Bill Gates original film was removed – found

10a – Help to survive an abduction 

10b – International Help Sign

11a – Cell phone radiation – how many times must you be warned ?

11b – Cell Phone (& Smartphone) Radiation Poses a Serious Biologic Health Risk by Dr. Neil Cherry (Nov. 19, 2007)


12a – Child Slavery and The Sound Of Freedom  

12b – Practical child rescuer in action   

12c – Why the Sound of Freedom is a scam

I would rather say that it is a deception to harvest energy, every gathering of the flock (concert, game, movie) serves HARVESTING ENERGY !! Sound of Freedom Film Falls Short of Revealing Who are the Ones Trafficking Children and How to Stop It Do NOT waste your time and energy for just watching these kinds of movies and eating popcorn, because you will change NOTHING, and they harvest you energy… All Hollywood satanic “elites”, all freemasons, satanists, elites, politicians, pedophiles, traffickers of people, children and organs are bound by blood oath to satan


12d – Who financed the Sound of Freedom ?


13 – The Unvaxxed are scum – says this lot


14 – Your medical records can be used to kill   

15a – Graphene Rain, Scientist Sounds Alarm

None of this so-called “blessing” we are being promised is going to be worth a rats arse IF we don’t come together and STOP the chemicals being sprayed from the skies; Every single man, woman and child are in immediate imminent danger; Take a wander outside; do your trees look like they usually would of 3-4 years ago? How did your fruit and vege growing go the last 2-3 years? Do you see the usual amount of bugs and insects? notice any strange hue to the daylight? tired of waking up to ‘clear’ skies only to be covered in cloud by mid-day?; Every single one of us and every life form on this earth are under attack while i am sitting here typing this to you.


15b – Wild Fires World Wide – all deliberate

16 – Ordering The Selected Reserve And Certain Members Of The Individual Ready Reserve Of The Armed Forces To Active Duty  – Biden Order


17a – Corporate Fake Govt – Jam the fake Voice Referendum


17b – Two countries are in the way of the NWO

18 – Shape Shifting Reptilians – brief history   


19 – Billionaires are selling stock – what does that tell you ?   

Recorded Thursday July 13th. If everything happens the way Bruce says it’s supposed to happen??? 🤔 You better buckle up Buttercup. I suggest these guys are under NDA and cannot say much

Bruce’s Call Part 1

Bruce’s Call Part 2

Wolverine’s Call

20 – Tartaria – Radium

End of Post

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