2023/07/19th  – 19,000 Doctors Indicted for Covid Crimes

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1a – 19,000 Doctors Indicted for Covid Crimes

Charge the Govt Ministers + staff + the Nurses + Health Workers too ?


1b – County GOP – Covid vax is a bioweapon


1c – Just in… 2020-2023 Deaths in Australia


1d – Masks – Huge Meta – Analysis

The mask is really just: – a sign of submission – a muzzle to keep you quiet – a constant reminder to be afraid – And now post covid, when I still see sporadic people walking around with the face diaper… It says on every box of masks Legally sold, Warning. this mask is Not for medical use and does NOT stop a virus. There was never any question about the criminal Lie of The Mask stopping covid. The Obvious was simply ignored and hidden.


2 – From David Ickes book – The Trap

Drag queens must live their lives as they see fit, it’s none of my business but… when they are being used to manipulate the gender perceptions of little kids, it becomes ALL our business. If you want to confuse sexes in the minds of children there can be fewer better ways than to put before them men with beards wearing women’s clothes & acting female. Gender confusion gas triggered soaring numbers of children & young people to question their gender when they were not before. Many are set on course for psychological & bodily disaster with sex change drugs & surgery.
We are challenging the systematic global campaign to confuse the young & encourage them to question their gender when they otherwise would not. So, are the Port Macquarie Librarians willing participants in doing this to our children & taking responsibility for the outcomes in the future if these children?

3a – The Sound of Freedom – full movie

Hover over movie, click on the 3 dots, click download it will save to downloads on your PCallow 15 mins or so


3b – Sound of Freedom – Follow the Money

3c – Actor Jim Caviezel – QAnon-linked movie with Trump

3d – Sound of Freedom   Why Elites Are Panicking


4a – General Wesley Clark – the Cabal US plans…  

… to invade 7 Middle Eastern Countries just 9 days after 9/11. What did all these Countries have in common?  They wouldn’t comply with the Central Banks & Cabal agenda. The reason the US Military has been the “world’s police” over the last 100 years is because it is the enforcement arm of the global criminal cabal. The criminal cabal media uses propaganda to convince the public that these wars are to protect Americans. Sadly they were nothing more than protecting the interests of the Cabal. It is a very tough red pill to swallow.

4b – Glenn Beck issues grave warning to America after Trump indictment


5a – Wind turbines powered by Coal – scams behind wind power


5b – LED Lights, Electric Cars and 5G compilation 

6a – US Navy warship arrives in Sydney Harbour

Albo and his leftie mob won’t be happy since they support NATO


6b – Australia would be collateral damage in a US war with China

5 Bombs, one on Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra & Brisbane and the  war for Australia is all over, the Chinese have all the mineral wealth they want and room to migrate millions to New China Australis.  Because stupid Australian Politicians were/are incompetent would not listen to the people.

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7a – Linda Burney rejects Voice debate from Jacinta Price


7b – Many grassroots voices vehemently oppose referendum


Aboriginal History – Go to Categories – Australia – Items 02 and 03 and look up KJV Jonah 3.8 Do “beasts” have hands ? see Churches 01a

8 – ATO admit in court that they are not legal.

Have a look at the following court transcript, where they admit in court that they are not a legal entity.


9a – Masters of GCR/RV: Information War,

Golden Age, QFS, Zimbabwe Dollar, Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Tier 4B, Tier 5, NESARA GESARA Act – American Media Group. The dark veil of the world’s economy is beginning to lift, revealing a clandestine and engrossing saga of currency revaluation (RV), quantum financial systems (QFS), and a shift towards a Golden Age that touches the shores of Zimbabwe, Iraq, and Vietnam.


9b – Wolverine says he has received confirmation

From a Colombian  Friend we are ready. It is already a confirmed reality? This is what we’ve been waiting for such a long time.  Hallelujah my brother Skye Talks About The Release Of Funds I just received confirmation that 15 leaders have received their blessing in private. Don’t ask me what platform but just believe me that it’s happening.


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