2023/07/20th  – What the Heck is Happening ?

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It seems that Commonwealth Bank has scrapped over-the-counter cash withdrawals and deposits at many branches across Australia

1 – Hammer Time – Wyatt Earp

Everything is happening everywhere all at once. The Hammer is about to drop. Opinion on a series of events pointing to the hammer dropping within the next few to 7 days.

Reconcillation Action Plans. BAC have signed up for this and is why they are using interchangeable aboriginal/normal names with their boards etc.


The following is a very small part of their extensive Action Plan: “Brisbane Airport Corporation is part of a strong network of more than 1,100 corporate, government, and not-for-profit organisations that have taken goodwill and intention, and transformed it into action.”






Fascinating! These plans are being used throughout Australia and worldwide to complete the 1920 Communist (2nd Commitment) Plan.

3 – Kosovo Parliament in session 

4 – If you connect your smartass phone to a rental car – you may be really stupid


5 – Why are many MSM pushing the Flu Vaxx

Channel 9 South Australia. And why the scary-looking computer image?
And how come every time the computer animation of CONVID or the FLU – the animations always look different ? Scary looking balls with spikes coming out of them. Always computer animations. Can’t they ever settle on an accepted scary looking appearance? 

By this stage you deserve what you get if you are still playing this game. For those still confused about why the stupid people are still wearing masks and asking WHY?  Are you ready for the mass arrests of all the ones who have been a part of the Global Cabal RESET plots or have failed to expose ?


6a – How many vaxx warning sermons did you hear from any pulpit ?

6b – Graphene in Heavy Rains… also taught ?

7a – And While You Were Distracted….

If you have to buy meat from the stores. Get the meat with BONES in it.. NO frozen boneless meat either… burger patties, mince…


7b – Are you eating Bill Gates lab grown meat


8 – Whistle blower testifying on crimes against children propagated by the Biden regime.  

9a – Medical  tyrants at  AHPRA  face  D-Day in historic High Court appeal


9b – Dangerous nanotech in dental anaesthetic

These are even more advanced than those used in Covid vaxx

Video link 1

Video link 2

Video link 3

10 – Pfizer Building Destroyed By Tornado   

Pfizer building was destroyed today by tornado about 40 minutes from where I live.  It happened in Rocky Mount, NC. 50,000 pallets of medicine destroyed.  I wonder if any of it had MRNA as an ingredient?

11 – Operation Dark Brandon will plunge US into grid down darkness while banning Generators

They want you to be fearful, desperate, sitting in the dark and waiting for government to save you

Over the past two months, we’ve all seen the CIA-directed corporate media roll out stories claiming a power grid blackout is coming to America. Through predictive programming, they’ve already cast blame for this event on “right-wing extremists” whom the media has somehow concluded will attack power substations across the nation, plunging large regions of America into darkness.

This is all media propaganda, of course. A grid down false flag operation is being planned, indeed, but it will likely be carried out by the FBI and elements of the deep state in order to blame “right-wing extremists.” No group in America runs more terrorist operations that the FBI, the same agency responsible for the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Whitmer, the attempting bombing of a Cleveland bridge, and the J6 “fedsurrection” honey pot trap. See here if you want – some good alternate energy systems


12 – International Flight Paths – where to ?


13a – Black Hornet

13b – Rods of God – a few gone – more to follow

Click to see the video https://twitter.com/prolotario1/status/1681840524804739078?s=12&t=W0c_YnawH1HJ6oomt0mfxQ

14 – 7 billion is a lot of people ? See Item 6b on 19th July

7 billion people on the Earth and all will have a stellar account on the QFS. Protocols 16 and 17 are in place to assist the Quantum Compliant Banks the ability to assist in helping set up your accounts and transfer your fiat to digital for you. The fear of trying to do all of this yourself should not be of concern. QC Banks will have the ability to assist here and educate.

The Quantum System is not being set up for just banking but for military, elections and so much more. Far larger than one can fathom, especially if one is to believe what gurus are pushing. Larger than the information providers are informing you of. Most on these boards only have a very small piece of a much larger subject.

Come with an open mind and leave your preconceived notions outside of this chat and write down the things that don’t make sense.  As we move along in discussions, these things will have new understandings as we talk about what is coming and processes. The systems of old have to be dismantled so that there is never the option of going back to them. (Bridges being built and Bridges being dismantled at the same time) They are taking steps to remove influencers/criminal behaviour in all of this.  Punishable for certain, not the old system or ways. Finally, this is some of the best news for all involved.The future is brighter for everyone. Not just a certain few.  © Wiley

Wolverine – 20/07/2023


*DC. INC. FBI. World deep state in 🔥PANIC as the CABAL COLLAPSE is occurring…

*They are desperate and trying to start a new plandemic. Create Chaos. Civil wars….

*Remember that Trump told you… He can stop the World War in 24 hours. He’s not lying…

*Presentation, Transcription, Editing, Syntax and Animation made by Elohim.*

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