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1 – Use Of Cash Rather Than Cards

Remember Traders CANNOT REFUSE TO ACCEPT LEGAL TENDER – Cash and Coins!!  See the Federal Government Currency Act 1965.  The only problem we face is idiots – I saw a man recently pay for a $2.50 cigarette lighter with his smartass phone and then he drove off in an electric car yes $2.50 + electric car – can you believe it ?

Please feel free to print this next image and carry it with you.  Cheers, Steve

2 – CO2 for plants

3a – Corona Viruses are the Common Cold

3bTake this to your Doctor or nurse

3c – She got the Jab Certificate of Vaxx I D – see the Illuminati Symbol – they own her now

Who is to blame – Parents – Local Pastor – school teacher – jabber ?

more https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=regret%20getting%20vaccine&kind=video

4 – Kids rescued in London

5 – 83% Govt statistic BS lies

6 – The BRICS Currency Project Picks Up Speed


7 – Angry China Warns NATO; Says Beijing “Doesn’t Cause Trouble But Is Not Afraid Of Trouble” Ytube removed this

8 – JFK Jnr Dropping Bombs


9 – War Brief July 18, 2023 – Alliance Forces Remove Cabal – Australia, The Next Phase – Riccardo Bosi


9 – The Tartarian Empire – a Reset by whom ?


10 – Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, 21/07/2023


James Rink, producer of the excellent documentary “Change is on the horizon”,  recounted the history of from many years ago of how a group of wealthy individuals foresaw a period of time in the future where the world would one day be blessed with peace and prosperity, which nowadays we commonly refer to as NESARA/GESARA. To prepare for this age of abundance, these wealthy individuals secretly hid significant amounts of wealth from the cabal, protecting it for decades, so that one day their contributions could be used to help rebuild humanity. That “One Day” they had predicted long ago has almost arrived. Within that group, the most well-known of these individuals was Saint Germain, who was believed to be an ascended master that would appear throughout periods of history in order to aid humanity in this effort

Within the collection of Trusts, the two most well-known are the Saint Germain and the Rodriguez Trusts. However, there is another Trust that has been shielded much more from the public limelight, one that holds such a significant amount of wealth (mostly in the form of gold) that it would not only be able to bring about NESARA/GESARA on its own — fulfilling all of the compensation we are owed such as the return of income taxes, mortgage interest, birth certificate, etc — but could also be used to back all of the currencies on earth ~10x over! The name of this trust is the White Spiritual Boy Trust (WSB)

Legend has it that a very spiritual boy born in the Philippines but who grew up in Africa had a vision from God where evil people were planning to plunder natural resources and steal from the people of both the Philippines and Africa. Like the Saint Germain and Rodriguez Trusts, in his name, a substantial amount of wealth was stashed away to be used for global humanitarian aid. Moreover, the distribution and use of the WSB funds were to be connected with a time of global ascension and spirituality known as “The Great Awakening”

Further, WSB was to be used to back new global currencies with gold and other valuable assets. This was planned in an agreement reached between the Indonesian President Sukarno and the US President John F Kennedy which began in 1961 and was finally agreed upon in 1963. President Kennedy had already authorized through Executive Order 11110 the printing of silver certificates and was said to have given authorization to return to the gold standard on November 14,1963. Many believe this bold strike against the cabal is what caused his assassination just one short week later

Established from 1966 to 1968, the owners of WSB authorized huge sums of money to be deposited into virtually every bank in the world in every country, mostly in the form of gold. It was stipulated that when the deposits were made, that there would be a 30 year maturity, with a 4% interest rate earned on the money, and that when the funds matured, the earnings were to be divided in half, where 50% was to be mandatorily used for humanitarian purposes, and the other 50% reinvested according to the original terms, so that there would be a perpetual stream of income to be used for the benefit of humanity. Instead, what the cabal banks did was added these deposits to the capital base and used them to trade and generate business that would earn enormous amount of money for the banks themselves. In short: they did not follow the mandatory requirements, kept all of the monies earned to be distributed among the Cabal Elites, and tried to claim that these monies never existed…

Over the past few decades, the ownership and management of WSB was transferred to a sovereign entity, known as the International Consumer Cooperative Light Great Russia (ICCLGR), which was a sovereign entity and society established in 2018, completely independent from international laws. This new entity came under the control of the order of the Hospitalers, an offshoot of the Knights Templar


Wolverine 🇦🇺 🇦🇺, [21/07/2023 15:15]


AFTER SUKARNO was placed under house arrest. M1 responsibilities were transferred to M2 Ferdinand Marcos. President of the Phillipines. When he wouldn’t play ball either. They threatened him He then set up the spiritual whiteboy accounts. Drawing 4%a year. The accounts were to periodically to be harvested. 50% removed for distribution to humanity. And the balance goes back to earning.

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