2023/07/29th – well, well, look at this

This is not a game – it is deadly serious

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1 – Conspiracy theorist Problem

2a – well, well, look at this – and all below

Official UK document from the Ministry of Health reveals COVID never existed. This now being the case means the masks, lockdowns, vaccines and PCR tests were all acts of criminality. This needs to be shared so the public realise the hoax is now officially in the public domain. They lied to us. Truth is coming. Soon they won’t be able walk down the streets. The link has been removed

2b – Is this the real or fake AF1 in Brisbane with Biden’s military ??

Note the blue paint on the last pic compared to the pic above it

2c – War games – really ?? Why is Albo sucking up to NATO ?

2d – Banks, Online Payment Systems Suffer a Huge Outage world wide

Liquidity & Credit Crisis Banks, online payment systems suffer a Huge Outage Saturday  Europe, US Banks, online payment systems suffer an outage spreading worldwide. Talks of a Liquidity and credit crisis happening will spread rapidly.

Sunday  Money from banks fail.   Bank run posts on T, FB banned.  Sunday night Euro banks suffer liquidity, fail critical margin levels. Australia Banks:  CommBank, ANZ, Westpac, NAB Monday  Liquidity crisis contagion spreads to US.    Financial sector instruments blow up.  BOA, JP M, G Sachs, + rumoured insolvent.   Stocks drop 20%, halted. Tether, other stable coins fail, causes other cryptos to crash.  

Tuesday   Stocks drops another 20%, halted.     Eurozone total melt.   Hedge F’s collapse. Bank deposits bailed, most lose all money.   Social protests erupt.  Banks:  stuck w meme stock shorts in trillions, fail critical margin levels. DTCC forced to cover shorts DTCC insurance policy fails.  Insurers never had $.  Fed R stuck with bag.

Wednesday.  Stock market drops another 20%, halted.    Subprime hits, housing crash by 50%+.  Meme stock, silver, gold, commodity trading is frozen and halted, will make problem worse.  Dollar insolvency is all over international news, while silver and gold skyrocket. U.S bonds will be dumped sending interest rates into stratosphere.  Mainstream media will then blare out – Great Depression 2.0 and collapse is here.

Thursday.  U.S. government begins to collapse.  Pressure on current Admin to resign.  Stock market drops more for total of 85-96% since Monday.  Grocery stores empty, as supply chains completely break down.  Coup rumours against U.S. govt. begin on social media and gain public approval.  Massive protests against government, wall street, and banks erupt.  Police deployed, unsuccessful attempt to brutally suppress protests.

Friday  Voter fraud data dump reveals 40 years of stolen elections.  Government figures go into hiding. Meme stock and silver/commodities shorts.  Dollar declared non-grata in most countries.   BRICS picks up steam to replace dollar.  Legislation fast tracked to convert dollar debt to other fiat to prevent total credit freeze.

2e – Putin has forgiven $23 billion in African debt


3a – You Can’t take this Idiot seriously ?

3b – WEF Scientist – Testifies ‘Man-Made Climate Change Is a Depopulation Scam’ – a bit different to the Guy in 3a


4a – How many Suddenly Died cases does it take ?


5a – The Deep State Plot after Covid – the weather manipulation ?


5b – and lookie what else they have planned – unless 2d and 5d happens next

5c – Trump’s New Ad Just Broke The Internet

5d – FEAR NOT – from Raphael Cruz – current situation.

The plans of the Earth Alliance are being greatly accelerated, which leads to the objectives necessary to start the transition period with the detonation of the long-awaited revaluation of currencies (RV). The BRICS bloc is strengthening and as I mentioned in previous reports, the countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia request to join because they have lost their fear of the regressive elite. The military union of countries like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea is far more powerful in weapons technology, armies, and weapons inventory.

The regressive elite loses its pseudo-president in the US, in Europe the division between the countries of the European Union continues, apart from the fact that the people continue to protest, for which several clones and/or doubles of extinct presidents are going to be overthrown by their own peoples shortly. The economic crisis in Europe is unsustainable, the US is on the same path. The BRICS block countries grow economically by carrying out direct transactions between them.

NATO is languishing, its death is scheduled to be seen in a few months, it no longer has weapons to supply Ukraine and its advisers, soldiers and mercenaries are dropping like flies on the battlefield. The fall of the USD dollar is imminent in days, which will give the entry of the new USN dollar. Russia issued a law to launch its digital currency.

Iraq has resolved all the impediments to the entry of its currency into the international market, the market is moving to support the global currency reset (GCR). In conclusion, everything is adjusted for the start of our long-awaited GESARA LAW. Let’s continue with our work of spreading THE TRUTH, because it facilitates this wonderful change so needed by humanity.

6 – Magnetic 🧲 meat = nanotech and heavy metals


7a – I’m speechless – what they do to kids


7b – Elite Torture Dungeons 

7c – Kids in cages – body cam


7d – How to deal with family pedos

8a – Public health “experts” knew the COVID vaccine would not protect against infections. – See 2a again

Vaccine mandates were forced on the public anyway. Now there are many VAERS reports of death and other adverse effects. 🏏 Shane Warne is mentioned as a vaccine death towards the end of the video

8b – Military catches 100 Crims – Covid Doctors

A White Hat sting to expose vaccine-loving physicians resulted in the arrest of 100 providers figuratively foaming at the mouth to jab Navy JAG and Army CID investigators posing as patients.


9a – Albo take note

9b – Look what we are importing into Australia 

African charged with laundering $176,000 via cyber crime – Another Beast of the Field Jonah 3.8send him back

9c – Meanwhile in Dan’s communist Victoria


10a – What our kids are learning 

10b- Why big Companies support LGBTQ

11a – How News footage is made

From a local in Ukraine …..you see no chemtrails….just blue skies….no bombs so much for all the BS about chemtrails and war today

12 – Amazing Machines from the 1700s 

End of Post

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