2023/07/31st – Buckle up and be prepared  

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1 – 100 Euros under a microscope

2a – Monday August 7 is Christmas 🎄 in July on the Julian calendar.

Any delays will have a very real explanation in these war operations


2b – Derek Johnson – Trump + military 7 year plan – operational – Scroll down to Watch Video


2c – Trump speech in Erie, Pennsylvania July 29

Starts at 49 mins – If You don’t have 2 hrs. 34 mins to listen then go to 2hr. 13  where Trump was dynamic


2d – Russia Africa Summit: 49 out of 54 African Countries were present


3a Albo hasn’t chaned since April 1998


3b – Referendum – Pwese Explain Albo


4a – Listen to Alan Jones again before seeing the next 2 items

4b – The Aboriginal Foundation begins to Burn Plunder and Pillage

If they reckon they own the country then I want to see the Bill of Sale. Carbon credits is just paying a BS fee to pollute somewhere else. How about this – saw it on one of those changing billboards at a tram stop today:

Aboriginal Carbon Foundation – Community Prosperity, Carbon Farming

4c – Coal exports forecast to smash record with value set to break $100 billion this financial year


5a – Vax injured – help

Help for adverse affected – long covid – vaccine injuries in general. Some awesome information available at truth about cancer documentary series called remedy.


React 19 website – there is an international, Australian group link on their website.

Remedy series presented by Ty and Charlene – available to watch series for limited time only.

I have only seen two episodes and so far their accurate information on vaccines generally, combined with helpful excellent remedies to overcome the devastating adverse affects so many are experiencing. Well worth subscribing to, to see some of the content.


5b – Stay away from the vaccinated


5c – Must scan ID and face to buy fuel in Xinjiang.


6 – NWO Depop Tyranny: Victoria Australia BANS GAS For New Homes & Buildings In the New Anti-Human Attack


7a – Rhodes Island – no fire, but trees burning inside ?


7b – Chemtrails are chemical bombing

8 – Your words really do matter


9a – Genius teen generates electricity from stones


9b – Electro-culture success story


10a – WEF tells us – secure your own clean, safe drinking water


10b – The Green energy scam


11 – Chakras v LGBT Flag


12 – Jordan Peterson’s Incredible Journey To GOD


13 – John Clarke and Brian Dawe – Remember ?

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