2023/08/03rd  –  The Common Law of Life

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1 – Some opinions on World Events

a ) The FedNow program was not launched… the CBDC will never be launched … Those programs were not approved… cannot happen…

b) If China’s Three Gorges Dam collapses, which was well on it’s way to completion right now, it would wipe out the Chinese Party Headquarters for their bio-weapon labs, international Child Sex Trafficking Ring and main means of financial support.

c) Meanwhile the Alliance Military has finished rescuing millions of children from the rest of the Cabal’s underground tunnel system, while executing Global Elites at GITMO and Guam. With Biden corruption finally coming to the surface,

d) Putin’s Sunday announcement of the rollout of the Global Financial gold/asset-backed system has sealed the deal for collapse of the Cabal. On Sun. 30 July Putin Announced The Global Currency Reset of 209 Nations

e) Military Puts FEMA on Notice


f) Declass Live on GB News – We Have the Gold


2a – The Common Law of Life

2b – Julian Assange:

“Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies.”

2c – We were warned – This cartoon was made 60 years ago

A glimpse at what happens when we give up our ‘freedom’….

3 – Greens Idiot Senator Nick McKim has a meltdown


4 – Is the UK being forced out of Africa ?


5a – 3D printed Meat and Fish

5b – Living with a Chip – Coincidence New disease

5c – Scary Scam Beware – Voice Cloning

6a – The Ethics and Morals of Scientists

6b – What happens to kids when they get older

7a – Are the zombies among us ? .listen closely

8 – This fridge from 1956 has more features than the junk today.

. My parents similar fridge worked flawlessly for over 30 years

9 – Bare feet and recharge your batteries


RV  I was just informed that there are more than 100,000 people who are not going to make it as they have done bad things, and there are some that are convicted felons like pedo’s and murderers and people who are attacking other members for what happened to me last week. 

These people should not be in this journey. Sooner or later all these bad people will eventually get caught. This is good as they are doing a sweep by removing bad apples from this journey. I always said that this is a spiritual journey and only the ones with their heart pure will be able to pass the finish line.

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