2023/08/04th  –  It’s all coming out now

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1a – From a US whistle blower soldier – Aug 9 to 18... be ready

1b – Jan 6 – Deleted Footage recovered


1c – Trumps judge

Any one can dismiss a judge who is prejudiced against them. .. .. Kashmir Parel background – A Federal Prosecutor; The chief Investigator for House Intel Committee on the Steel Dossier (Russia Gate).

2a – It’s all coming out


2b – End of Ukraine Army is closer than you think


2c – General Flynn: The People’s General

Start at 42 mins


2d – The US Inc. – Slavery without Chains…

She laid it out., hope she will be safe. She knows her stuff., every country is the same.


3a – Hard Truths about Killer Vaccines on MSM


3b – COVID Would have lost $200B


4a – Labor’s ‘lie’ on the Uluru Statement

Sky News host Peta Credlin says the Uluru Statement from the Heart is not a one-page document as most Australians have been led to believe. “The Uluru Statement from Heart is not a one-page document, it is 26 pages in all. And we only know that because the government has just been forced to release the full document under Freedom of Information,” Ms Credlin said. “And it’s the whole 26 pages of the Uluru Statement from the Heart that every Australian should read, not the PM’s sanitised one-pager, before they cast their vote in the upcoming referendum.”


4b – If these People Loose So Do We..


4c – Red over Black   play … right click … save as


5 – ‘Forced onto the street’ waiting court date

Debbie Richards asks court to send her back to jail


6 – A doc on Australian Timber Industry


7 – Yamandu Costa – Genius musician

He introduces Paco de Lucia, one of the greatest guitarist alive who travelled from Spain to Brazil to attend Yamandu’s concert

8 – Martial Law, GESARA/ NESARA

Med Beds Imminent Banks Closing; US Dollar Insolvent; US Inc Collapsing; Biden Crime Cartel Exposed On Tues. 22 Aug. 120 nations Join BRICS to Trade Gold/asset-backed Currencies It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, cash, water and essential items on hand for not only yourself, but for others.


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