2023/08/07th  –  Heaps Happening – watch and pray – prepare ye the way

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1a – Massive – Jack Smith Gave Trump Everything

Is Jack is a White Hat pretending to be a Black Hat or is he stupid ?


1b – Trump has requested an immediate recusal..

of far-left and anti-Trump  U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, who has been appointed to preside over his ongoing  “January 6th” case in Washington D.C. Trump characterizes the judge as a “biased” judge.


1c – Trump attorney speaks out what he witnessed in courtroom: Constitution is being attacked


1d – Q Shaman Interviewed by Alex Jones

Trump declass technology, no one knows…, this is the guy from jan6…….Jake chandlery??  NICOLA TELSA TECH and cancer rife machine…..


1e – Trump calls for Federal Takeover – comms ?


2a – What Capitol Police Chief Said About Jan 6


2b – The U S Air Force Admitted They’ve Created Something So Advanced That It Will Destroy Everything


2c – Update On The Underground War & Rescue Operation In Geneva, Plus Discussion On Nukes, NESARA, Arrests


2d – Why Trump refused a military solution


2e – European countries are getting ready  

3a – Gorges Dam is ready to break  

3b – Still not convinced – watching a movie…?

3c – You [we] are not helpless.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer August 4, 2023 You [we] are not helpless. Enough must see. It is the only way. You are being presented with the gift of vision. Ability to see [clearly] what they’ve hid from you for so long [illumination]. Their deception [dark actions] on full display. People are waking up in mass. People are no longer blind. Do you think it’s a coincidence they banned and prevent you attending Church _house of worship? Anti-Nations   Anti-God. One must only look to see. Have faith in Humanity. Have faith in yourself. Let light guide you.Find peace through prayer.

Biblical.Q Luke 11 21-22 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are secure. But when someone stronger than he attacks him and overpowers him, that man takes away his armour on which he had relied and distributes his plunder.”
Q- You are witnessing/watching THE SYSTEMATIC

4a – Sky news – Pfizer’s poison injections lies.


4b – Full registration granted for Pfizer Covid vaccine, Australia


4c – Australian Doctors recorded deaths


5 – When the cops come a knocking – answer 


6a – The Voice: The devil is in the detail

Welcome to Country – the sanitised version – I would like to pay my respects to all elders. To the Italian elders who built our roads, railways and telecommunications infrastructure. To the Greek and Turkish elders for giving us the tasty kebab shops. To the Asian elders who gave us all the $2 shops.To the Irish elders that gave us all the great Irish pubs …  To the Indian elders who gave us great Curries.  To the English elders who gave us Cricket.  To the Japanese elders who gave great Cars.   To the Elders from all over the World who have given so much to Australia. 

6b – Voice to Parliament is ‘built on a lie’ that Aboriginal people ‘don’t have a voice’: Mundine


6c – Australians want migration ‘paused’


7a – Truth from Cassius Clay

7b – Truth from Charlie Chaplain

8 – Fiona Barnett Book – Aust Pedos named


9a – CNN Reporting a decade ago – Ukraine Govt kills its own people


9b – Tic-Tac UFO’s and others made by Lockheed?


10 – What Is The Tartarian Conspiracy?


Musician/Producer Reacts to Yamandu Costa

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