2023/08/08th.. Trump + The Voice + Q Intel +

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1a – Live Now:  The White House continues to be in darkness, Old Glory is still not flying above.


1b – A Military Occupancy

1c – Jack Smith, Huge Mistake. Trump will pounce

AUTHOR Anthony Smith  August 5, 2023

Special Counsel Jack Smith had indicted Trump and charged him with dozens of felony charges.  In that case, the Espionage Act will be used to prosecute Trump.  Now, some legal experts believe that because Smith did not take this case to the extreme, he made a huge mistake.  By going down this path, Trump will now be permitted to present his own information.  To this point, Trump has been widely unsuccessful in his legal cases to overturn the election.  The main reason for this is that the overwhelming majority of cases were dismissed due to no standing.  

The nature of the charges being brought by Smith, however, will now finally allow Trump to present his case that the 2020 election was stolen from him.  The video at the bottom of this post explains this further… Whether you support Trump or not, you have to admit that just about everything he said would happen has happened.  I can still remember Trump on the debate stage breaking down Joe Biden, especially when it came to Chinese money.  Joe Biden denied it all, and we now know that all of Biden’s denials were lies.  At some point, the truth always comes out. 


2a – Police putting on their costumes for Jan 6


2b – Q Intel from the Army in North Virginia


2c – The Shadow Government

It has been put up before, but listen what he says about Trump


2d – Special Report Nobody escapes –

The white Hats are in Control – Long but good tells it all. 5G towers WERE the killers…great to listen to ….feel safe and confident …


2e – Beijing is being Destroyed by Biblical Floods – CCP Panics


3a – Albo’s lies on Voice and treaty Exposed on ABC Radio

Surprisingly different to what you normally hear

3b – Bronwyn Bishop -The Voice treats all Indigenous Australians as disadvantaged simply due to their ethnicity.

4a – Your nose swabs under the Microscope

Bad news … they found a Doctor found dead working at this company...


4b – ‘End Big Pharma vaccine indemnity’: new bill tabled in Australian Parliament


5a – Guess What Profession Fits This Definition


5b – Arrested, Jailed + $500 wrecker fee


5c – Man exercises Common Law perfectly with fake Police


6a – Time is ticking. Our word is law.


6b – Action Step, Are You In – Tim Dwyer

This clip is simply to explain some VERY interesting Points and ask a Very Defining Question.


7 – The Babies We Eat….. Freudian Slip


8a – Who is Q, and the Q drops really about?

http://fortheloveofq.com/ COPY TO URL

8b – Short message from Wolverine 8 Aug

8c – Iraqi Dinar – Accession to the Global Stage – WTO


8d – If you are going to exchange or redeem – Long Video 


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