2023/08/10th  – Nuremburg Code Sees Doctor Executed for giving Covid Shots

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Who said nothing’s happening ? if you think that, you did not pay attention to ALL as presented last night post 9th Aug.

Notice the fires in Hawaii – same thing – Trees are hardly damaged, but cars melt on the road


1 – Nuremburg Code – Doctor Executed for Giving COVID Shots

Dr. Betsy Eads exposes the breaking news about MALAYSIAN DOCTOR PUT TO DEATH FOR GIVING COVID INJECTION under the Nuremburg Code. This sets a worldwide precedent. Every doctor, nurse, pharmacist and technician – and those who coerced or forced the injections, will be put to death. They even injected kids. They’re coming for you.

2a – It’s Gonna be alright – just letting us know

2b – Trump – ”We know where the bodies are”

2c – Jake Q- destroys media with ONE sentence

2d – Jan 6 Committee destroyed the evidence


3 – Riccardo Bosi comments on the 22 Time Zones    mp3

4a – West Drayton UK – Dumbs clearance ?


4b – Military Arrests Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla

United States Marines on Monday captured Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla and killed his two bodyguards during a military-sanctioned operation to apprehend the fiendish clot shot manufacturer following his return to the United States, 


4c – Big players getting caught, DOJ, FBI, pedos…

39 min in…91 arrested in Australia caught in child trafficking


4d – Police bust global pedophile ring after fatal FBI shooting – 98 in custody


4e – Guess what is in the bags

5a – The 5G shoot to kill extermination agenda  

Trump has promised they will reverse the 5G radiation

5a – Biological weapon claim is going mainstream


5bClass Action for Covid Injuries in Australia

https://www.bitchute.com .. /video/wZiBaatzXDHZ/

join the 2 parts of this link

Overview of Covid Vaccine Injury Class Action currently filed in the Federal Court of Australia. To donate please go to https://www.nomoresilenceau.com/campaigns/covid-vaccine-class-action-injuries/

Details in this clip with the lawyer.. Maybe for some of your friends…

5c – Trouble shooters investigate patient dumping allegations


6a – Karen Kingston Has Been Poisoned & Calls Out Robert Malone & Others 


6b – Australia’s NEW strain of Covid coming

The vaccines are already being developed. How can a vaccine be developed for a virus that doesn’t exist yet? Because the virus is ready to go…They are planning the next pandemic right in front of your face! bio-terrorism. How do they know it’s coming – more scare tactics


7a – Voice from Australia – Albo the clown


7b – Peta Credlin – 26-page Uluru Statement

Wake up people…. We are been re-invaded:  Food for thought:  The Western Australia Heritage (which is now repealed); Andrews in Victoria handing over land over to The Corporation of aboriginal groups as per email yesterday;  the Voice referendum –  all by Labor initiatives.  We know of Planning and Environment Act 2008 whereby land has been stolen from honest Australians who paid to “use their land” equates to Defacto stealth. 


7c – Seriously …  Who Are They?   Ab-original = not original

1877 Census of Aborigines in Victoria showed:  201  adults & 93 full-blood Aborigines, 83 adults & 109 children of mixed-blood living on reserves, = total of 486 people. Aboriginal people living off reserves totalled 435 adults & 45 children of full-blood and 51 adults & 50 children of mixed-blood. Altogether, an overall total of 1,067 Aboriginal people in Victoria 146 years ago.

1900 statistics of the time show this remnant population had decreased to about 400, many of whom were by now mixed-descent children through interbreeding with the new settlers.

2021 Census shows that population of people (who identify as Aboriginal in Victoria) now numbers 66,000 – an increase of 59,600 in 121 years (over four generations). 

Do the numbers – it’s not possible. Even Aboriginal people themselves say of the 800,000 people in Australia  who identify as Aboriginal – at least 300,000 are likely to be fakes!  That is 37.5% are likely to be FAKES !

Do you want to give these FAKES a special say in Federal Parliament, or even State Parliaments for that matter?   No We Don’t.   And we must put a stop to the State-based ‘Voices’ popping up everywhere as well.  We, the equal custodians of Australia, DO NOT agree handing over our country to a bunch of elitist white  people pretending to be Aborigines!     

Hands Off The Constitution ! Preach it from the pulpits – yeah right eh !

7d – Lidia Thorpe erupts at Labor for ‘whitesplaining’…

as she joins Jacinta Price and another indigenous senator in stunning push for a powerful inquiry into Aboriginal corporations

  • Jacinta Nampijinpa Price wants inquiry into First Nations bodies
  • Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe supports the motion 
  • Labor slammed as ‘No campaign’ trick, says Voice could have those powers
  • Ms Thorpe hit back at Labor for ‘whitesplaining’ to her 


7e – Why is the Albanese government so reluctant to answer

these fairly simple questions? What are they afraid of? What don’t they want us to know? Let’s look at .


8 – Try this when you are stopped by the Police

See the interesting comments too on the link


9a – World rulers don’t want us thinking – Wonder Why?


9b – Sometimes what you see is not what you see

Click the link and play full screen to see it all clearly


9c – Terrified Peruvian villagers under attack from 7ft-tall ‘aliens’


What if Adolf was the good guy ?


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