2023/08/14th  – What if you vote Yes – has begun

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No apologies for the huge amount of info – it is a selected fraction of info sent to me – Thank you to contributors and anonymous donors. Some videos here have no link I can provide – they are from various Telegram Channels which do not have a very good search method.

When we are children, our parents tell us “What you see on television is not real.  It is pretend.”  That is why the news is ignored… it is not real to the adults watching it today.  We have a problem.

1a – Print this image and spread it everywhere

1b – Coming to a town near you if you vote yes

Will this inevitably lead to fatalities ??

1c – Final conflict for all Australians

2a – Who is who behind the mask ?

2b – Dr. Fauci gets hit with criminal investigation he never saw coming


2c – White Hats in Control – What does that mean


3a – The Biden family’s goose is cooked. There is no escape


3b – Tucker on Twitter with former Capitol Police Chief

Police Chief Steven Sund reacts to shocking tapes of Ray Epps during J6th, protection that followed from political class and law enforcement. Carlson notes that in the years after January 6, we’ve learned that there are testimonies of former federal agents claiming that FBI and DOJ employees were all throughout the crowd outside of the Capitol. Steven Sund said he was getting calls about federal agents taking “action” that day. 

3c – Jesse Watters – Jan 6 Committee caught – 3 mins


3d – Georgia Grand Jury Expected To Hear Trump Case Next Week


4a – General Flynn –

I can see a scenario where 2024 elections do not occur. They call them black swan events or maybe two black swans. Are you ready Anons?

4b – Why would it look like this if Trump is Commander in Chief

4c – Army CID Arrests “Black Hat” Army Recruiter

 Criminal Investigation Division


5a – Z is a SpZ is a Special Unit – Z is a Secret Special Force

Z is a Special Unit à Secret Force, the Druze family : Kahlooni, Lincoln, and KennedyZ Special Unit, also known as Z Force or the Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD), was a joint Allied special forces unit formed during the Second World War to operate behind Japanese lines in South-East Asia.

Predominantly Australian, Z Special Unit was a specialist reconnaissance and sabotage unit that included British, Dutch, New Zealand, Timorese and Indonesian military personnel.





Z Special Unit (/zɛd/) was a joint Allied special forces unit formed during the Second World War to operate behind Japanese lines in South East Asia. Predominantly Australian, Z Special Unit was a specialist reconnaissance and sabotage unit that included British, Dutch, New Zealand, Timorese and Indonesian members, predominantly operating on Borneo and the islands of the former Dutch East Indies.[1]



5b – Julian Assange: Fresh hope

hope for Wikileaks founder as US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy flags potential plea deal.


5c – Farage EXPOSES new push for cashless society (UK & Au


6a – Selling water for profit – Ab-originals give warning

Local Councils do this continually


6b – Councils currently challenged – more challengers needed


6c – “Distilled water, sea salt & baking soda — to correct the radiation in our system”


7a – Case being brought regarding:  No Oaths of Office

Oh my…what about all our pollies  (Queen of Australia) ?


The lying so-called Governor-General and Commander in Chief, Hurley is a Traitor and his commission is under the abstract Queen of Australia. Therefore any Referendum for the Voice is void before it starts as David Hurley has no Crown and no Constitutional Authority. How do you expect a purported Treasonous Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief to write a Writ for a Referendum when he sits in Treason. This Treasonous bastard is under the Queen of Australia, Whitlam’s abstract entity. Whitlam in 1988 Constitutional Commission throws all under the bus.

Also what Constitution are they changing when the last 4 are copyrighted. We are not between the Fraudulent Seal and the Copyright. Attached. When do we wake up.??? They tell us in their Pocket Constitution that, “For instance, the written Constitution does not establish the office of Prime Minister, or provide for the Opposition.

7b – Can you believe this … really ??

The Prime Minister has shown clearly this week his true priority. He’s obsessed with his legacy building and has no interest in actually helping Aboriginal Australians. He’s shown it clearly with his damaging games on the divisive Voice. Last week it was denying the Voice is the doorway to a Treaty. This week it’s denying the truth about the full Uluru Statement itself. The Uluru Statement most people know is, of course, the one pager that’s been taken around the country. It came from a lengthy dialogue and consultation process. But the fact is that one pager statement is the flowery summary.

Behind the one page sits the 26 page full statement, that was revealed by an FOI request and is, in extracts, included in the original Referendum Council report in 2017. The reason the PM doesn’t want you to know about it is clear: the longer statement explains the real agenda. Reparations and compensation, grievance-based history, and forever changing our system of government. According to the full document, a treaty could include “reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP)”. That’s all in there.

No wonder Albo is hiding the truth. He thinks the referendum is how he becomes another Bob Hawke. But if he really wants to build a legacy, he should do it by focusing on actually fixing the problems in Indigenous communities. But he squibbed the chance by having his government push back my Senate motion to hold an inquiry into Aboriginal Land Councils. Since the divisive Voice was announced I’ve made the point that they need ears, not a Voice because they don’t even know what the programs running right now are doing. We’re spending a lot of money on these councils and we need more transparency about how they operate, how they’re accountable, and whether or not they’re delivering real benefits. And once we know that, we can adjust them to make them work better and help their communities.

But Albo pushed back this simple request. Thankfully, we don’t need Labor to get this done and I’ll be fighting hard for every Senate vote from the crossbench to get this inquiry off the ground. Because working together to face the problems head on and fix them: that’s the way forward.

8a – Real America’s VOICE – The migrant invasion of Europe

What do liberals think will happen if we conservatives in the rural America, stop selling food to blue cities, and we all own tractors, skid steers, dump trucks and guns we can close down all road with dirt in hours and stand guard to keep them in


8b – Yes vote campaigning – what is on just one bit of paper  ?

8c – Andrew Bolt – The Treaty – PM insulting Australians  

9a – In-pipe energy: The hydro power nobody is talking about

9b – Quantum tech – Superconductivity and magnetic levitation

9c – You were jabbed and you still want 5G .. idiot  

10a – Why you must kill your smartass phone 

10b – More bad news for the jabbed  

10c – Amazing the 2022 non-covid excess deaths are gone

10d – Aust – 700 failed abortions – babies left to die   

11a – The overpopulation myth in 60 seconds.

11b – The “CLIMATE” SCAM, is just like the “CO(N)VID” SCAM

12a – Hawaii – no wild fires 

12b – Hawaii using DEWs  (Directed Energy Weapons)  

12c – Sex trafficking victims rescued in Hawaii


12d – What the Governor of Hawaii has to say

13a – Remember the PCR tests ?

13b – Executive Order 13818 – murder charge for all jabbers who caused harm to anyone in any way 

13c – “Vax”- 30% of the Workforce Affected, Whether Through Death, Disability, or Chronic Illness


13d – The next batch of Vaccines ready for whatever ? 

13e – They are developing a Vaxx for a disease not yet exists

14a – How to avoid the NWO – Dr Amanda Vollmer


14b – Charlie ward – quick update  

15 – Australian Story – Land Regeneration (Peter Andrews)


16a – D.U.M.B.S. and Underground War

A picture of one of the locks and shows how easy it is to smuggle children into the tunnel under the 3 Gorges Dam.  Boats going in and out, exporting/importing – if the dam collapses, these locks that are relied on to export goods will disappear. Result? Market collapse! Also look at the boats coming in and out, there were also children brought in and out for child trafficking.  A very easy and discreet way without anyone noticing. The event of the TOGETHER BREAKING OF THE 3-SHIP DAM needs to be explained as there are still many who do not understand the implications and what it means when this event finally happens. 

1) We take out the 24 nuclear reactors for Gesara. 

2) We take out Bitcoin mining and destroy the Deep State fee used for child trafficking – we get the QFS (Quantum Financial System). 

3) We take out Big Pharma and we get the cures (Med-Beds)

It is necessary to realise that everything is linked to the collapse of the 3 Gorges Dam. This is THE EVENT. This is how General Flynn and Julian Assange will be freed. The more people who understand that NOTHING will happen until the dam collapses, the better. Our near future that looks exciting, our lives that will be filled with healings and abundance, all revolves around the event of the DAM BREAK!!!  PLEASE SHARE THIS SO THAT MORE PEOPLE WILL UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE DAM BREAK. It is imminent.

16b – D-eep U-nderground M-ilitary B-ase

WHAT ARE DUMBS? D-eep U-nderground M-ilitary B-ase —>> D.U.M.B THE MASCHINE‘s NAME IS: ALLICE -> – BORING MASCHINES, LASERS & NUKES –>> https://rumble.com/v1imls5-boring-maschines-lasers-and-nukes.html – WALMART – A rumble.com

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