2023/08/15th  – I am only One – what can I do ?

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1 – I am only One – what can I do ?

PEOPLE POWER – a) Print this poster (preferably in colour) b) print back to back to make 2 or 4 pieces and spread it everywhere – letterbox your street – under windscreen wipers in parking lots – in your local paper a big as you can afford – and your club newsletters. c) Also in your churches where singing songs seems to be so important ?

Remember to see Items 1a + 1b + 1c again from last night post. 1a has begun in some places and in 1c (repeated below) that young lady says it all so wellYour choice if you want to keep your land

Listen carefully to this Young Lady (repeat)

1:15 / 1:44

2a – A glimpse of things to come if Labor’s “Voice” referendum is successful.


2b – Stephen Chavua – a young man awake

3 – Are Most People Sheep ?

4 – The Mousetrap

5 – Do we need more of these in Australia ?

6a – Andrew Bolt – Bruce Pascoe ab-original hoax

6b – Andrews’ govt signs Aboriginal land rights in ‘secret deal.

6c – Welcome to Country – has divided the country abhorrently

7 – Here’s the Noise the Vaccinated Make…

8a – Maybe the source of high winds in Kaheawa

8b – Reese – Maui wildfires + theft of land


9 – Your debts are cancelled – most interesting

10 – A few things you may not know about Putin

11a – A better World coming soon ?

11b – Charlie Ward: Update 8/11/23: “Something Big Is Coming”


12 – DUMBs explained by Phil Schnider


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