2023/08/17th  – A Witness in Melbourne Tunnels

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1a – For the doom and gloom people


1b – Witness in Melbourne DUMBs tunnels 

2a – Is this the Start of Burning cities – Houston

Houston Texas has no thick forests areas

2b – Houston fires started


2c – Canada orders wildfire evacuation in Yellowknife


2d – Hawaii Fires

2e – Why are expensive homes spared

2f – Hawaii fires A more detailed explanation with Dave Hodges & Jamie Walden.

When Fire Broke Out Maui Police Were Ordered To Close Escape Routes Now FEMA Will Not Allow Food, Water Delivery



3a – Military Intelligence Intercepted The Deep State 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

What if? It was all stealth. White Hats needed someone loyal for the role of president during this operation. After approving certain clearances, the Military installed Trump into the RNC


3b – The Smart City Deception explained


4a – Why you Must Demand you Land Titles


4b – The Referendum Rat

Anthony Albanese PM, speaking to 3AW host Neil Mitchell in an hour-long interview on Monday, 14 August. Neil Mitchell: “But what are the other 25 pages? I’ve read them, what are they? Albanese: “What they are is a record of meetings … they’re records of the big lead-up that happened, in the lead-up to, ironically … the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Mitchell: “Do you agree with most of what is said in those 25 pages?”  Albanese: “I haven’t read it, There’s 120 pages — why would I?” Hear him put forward his yes campaign in this tense exchange with Neil Mitchell in this section


4c – Best Constitutional explanation from Tim

5a – Med-beds – quick summary  

5b - Med-beds Technology.

6 – QFS – A New List of Banks That are Connected to The QFS System or are Being Connected – QFS + RTGS Trust The Plan



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