2023/08/18th  –  Isn’t the Military in control  ? 

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Is there a psyop – Military operation World Wide ? – Waa waa “nothing is happening” Well Just look at things that ARE happening like BRICS – 80% of the world have joined the BRICS nations, which means that their country’s finance is backed by assets like gold.  Also, look to what is happening all over – Never look at dates – this is purely EVENT driven.  We see USA army and marine helicopters in our skies in Australian cities – please do not say nothing is happening !  Look at the movie Sound of Freedom – if we were in total deep state control, this movie would not have come out – This movie is a soft reveal – so that people can slowly REALISE how rampant child sex trafficking is – the other truths will come out in time.

How is everyone coping?  Not to be negative but does anyone else ever think we are the only ones struggling through this White Hat operation? Every corner turned is a door shut yet everything is being exposed and nothing seems to happen. Let’s hope that if Trump is actually arrested and jailed, it will be the final necessary step to show the world the absolute corruptness of the Cabal, he can then subpoena all the Cabal criminals and deal with them.

It seems that Real Raw News cannot be trusted – It is a satirical website making up stories seeking attention and advert $$

Coming to your town soon – DEW you get it yet ? Fascinating the Brisbane Council recently warned of coming soon fires and actually named the suburbs. How do they know ?

And it is rumoured that John Cleese has been arrested for Adrenochrome etc


1a – Isn’t the Military in control  ?? 

1b – Compilation of short currently relevant clips

Bible + Simpsons + Tesla + Bugs + Pollies + Clean Water

2a – QR report on the Hawaii Fires – the best  

2b – Hawaii images for non-believers – trees unharmed ?  

2c – Hawaii – Police cover up and ban the press

3a – Current US fires

3b – Great fires from the last 200 years – Burning Tartaria

Coming to your town soon – DEW you get it yet ? Fascinating the Brisbane Council recently warned of coming soon fires and actually named the suburbs. Normal or …. ?

3c – DEWs Directed Energy Weapons – explained


4 – Telling the truth for those caught


5a – Charlie Ward – Reset – White Hats


5b – Dollar crash… market crash…USA Inc Crash

Remember Lord Acton – The Issue which has swept down the centuries and will have to be addressed is The People v the Banks

6 – Evidence – Australian TGA $85,000


7 – Net Zero Nightmare – the 15 minute cities


8 – UK Councils removing cash pay Parking Machines

You have to pay via an app on your smartass phone – or else

9a – Bolt exposes historical massacre of Aboriginals allegedly committed by Lidia Thorpe’s tribe


9b – Meanwhile in New Zealand the convid restrictions – are all scrapped after three years. Qld Health take note


10 – Why do men join the Freemasons  


11 – QFS News including Australia   

12 – Buzz Aldrin has admitted at least 3 occasions


13 – Musician/Producer Reacts to Yamandu Costa


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